How can Shanghai dragon Er coherent writing

finally, don’t forget to sum up. Finally, the high quality, there is a brilliantly simple summary of this point, the purpose is to let readers again for writing themes and ideas, it can often play an important role. >


first, choose the suitable theme for the article. In general we in writing prior to analysis of the writing you intend to use what theme of writing, is the theme you want to express opinions and arguments, then determine the theme we should focus on the subjects with a title, around the theme can expand the material accumulation and related arguments now describe, right then in order to make readers easy to understand but also prepare some relevant pictures for decoration.


third, the construction of the web content elements of refinement. The content includes not only the title and the argument for small support this article is not only text to reflect, many times we have to take into account the user’s reading, the user’s understanding, so, this time we want to enrich the content of our next article, can not understand the image or argument with icons or other elements are added as the content of construction, we should try to enrich the user experience of reading, for details and difficult concept or ranking, can be specially introduced, these detailed writing materials before you list the topic and outline the best to be fully prepared for the time with the view of just in time the content is inserted into the.

many webmaster in writing, unconsciously confused, before I had a similar embarrassing experience, but for now, in fact, the words not sitting to the waiting and wondering, but to establish a set of writing ideas, any time we want for a topic thorough elaboration must itself for the subject you want to express is very familiar with and understanding, combined with the idea of writing on this basis, the one on the way out, then, specifically how to do

second, the construction method of the content of the article. The article mainly around the theme of development, but also pay attention to the construction of content, many webmaster in the writing of the article will be given in the form the content like general chat, which makes readers see will be very tangled, because it is very easy to fall into the point of view is not clear, reading levels do not have a strong sense of the situation, the author recommended writing is a small argument after accumulating writing materials to complete the list of our best. The most common is you have to understand, you should the whole article is divided into several sections, each section is what point content, points to small title form of display, and then writing the content expounded on each title, this argument is the theme of the support, and is on the detailed content this way, interlocking allows content only centering on the theme of development, to prevent the phenomenon caused by stray writing Xinmayoujiang readers, strong sense of hierarchy is also very easy to understand the expression of what is the purpose of.

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