Fast recovery method of analytic site is down right for the title

according to the author once the site is down right, by the above three methods and some of the details of the problem, generally can recover the weight in a month, soon have a week or so, of course, here I still suggest that you try to not frequent replacement of the title keyword after all, there is a recovery process. In this paper, by the conception of Xuan: 贵族宝贝qqyjx.>

Each high quality chain

do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster all know Title Site Title keywords cannot be modified, but in some cases we have to revise their site keywords or impulsive modified the keywords, thus causing the site to drop right, even by K, then the face of these we how to make the weight fast to restore the site? So by the author today to share with you some experience in this area.

you know, once the modified keyword title after, is equivalent to let search engine to review and understanding of you, so at this time, we must regularly to update the content of the website, the best is the only original content written around the keywords, so it can make the search engine on your site to know and love on your site, there is certain to publish regularly, you can set a time for release, a habit. This long can let us take the fastest way to cross the search engine to the site assessment period.

The site content

Links is a way to share the site before and the weights of the site, so if we find a high quality site to do the chain of words, so want to quickly restore the weight that can be said is more simple, we all know that before the station group is very alive, it is the principle of multiple sites link to a site for weight sharing, so that we can use it correctly and then find some high quality site with your site do a friendship, if you have money and capital it can also buy some portal site links, so the effect is quite good, but do not buy too much time, the search engine that would be considered cheating, there is not to buy black chain, or the site will die very miserably.

(two) outside the chain of high quality

chain to improve and restore website weight problem is very important, so I suggest that you can go to some high quality BBS, blog released some of the chain, of course, the best way is soft, this additional chain is the most easy for users and some sites, the administrator of the forum and acceptance. Many webmaster reproduced, so it saves time and effort. The purpose of doing so is to attract the spider to my site, and the chain is proof of other sites to our site a trust, is very big to the ranking of users, so you must do "good" chain work.

(a) to enhance the quality of


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