A novel method to improve the site promotion network marketing ability

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self promotion chain 2 algorithm, the enterprise to the promotion of soft strength greatly reduced, that love will hit the Shanghai soft outside the chain, a lot of punishment to release the soft site. This is due to the webmaster of the algorithm is not enough to understand algorithm blow is garbage, obvious advertorial, rather than fight and the content of the soft enterprise. For enterprises the biggest role is to rapidly increase the flow and the chain site, many users will take the initiative to reprint these soft, the chain is the chain source users really recommend, would seem to be the value chain in the search engine, then improve the weight of the website.

The correlation of

viral promotion by the users in disgust, but the effect is also visible, it can quickly in a short period of time, the explosive transfer to the consumer group. At the same time, its influence will continue for a long time, achieve promotion effect is amazing. For viral promotion plan, requires careful planning, marketing approach requires a unique creativity, through the dissemination of information and services for users is helpful, and this is the best information can spread easily between users and users to share things on marketing initiative. The viral promotion plan should also be tested, from the analysis of the marketing effect, can timely grasp of marketing brought about by the reaction, can quickly find solutions from the effects of deficiencies, to be corrected in order to better plan the next step plan.

"(贵族宝贝fsyongtao贵族宝贝/) Yongtao Electromechanical enterprise station, will go to write articles from the aspects of science and technology development technology products such as the use of equipment, product parameters, products, according to the articles published to a different site, the article focused on the direction is different. Published in the portal news articles, focusing on the development trend of product competition, stone processing equipment industry is described, the news portal on potential customers may be more focused on understanding the development trend of the product industry; and released in the product use forum article, more is to be on the stone lines machine parameters so, the method of use, user interest classification rules. Identify the target user after the product itself is analyzed, different user groups is different to understand the direction of the product, nature can attract their perspective is different.

The integration of resources to promote cooperation in

viral release promotion

soft Wen promotion

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enterprises to join the network operation mode, the establishment of marketing type website, after this and cannot do without the promotion of marketing, enterprises only do promotion in order to bring more traffic to the site. With the development of Internet, network promotion methods are changing, a lot of new promotion was born, these promotion methods have great influence on the overall brand promotion website and website traffic.

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