Love Shanghai but also a strategy analysis of rapid increase of bidding price.

third, combined with industry rules to adjust. Different industry service users tend to have fixed work schedules or surfing habits, then put in bids in the advertisement, you need to carry out a detailed investigation, mainly used to view the user on Monday to Friday this time, Saturday and Sunday the user’s Internet habits, so that you can combine these rules to put in the bidding on advertising, so as to enhance the number of users of the consultation. Except in accordance with the law to adjust the week outside, can also be combined with the quarter adjusted.

fourth, pay attention to put the competitors in the bidding law. For the same industry, there are many competitors, for the budget is relatively tight, the best way is to use the money wisely, and the best way to achieve this is to understand the competitors of the running time, just for the involved in the bidding, the first.

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second, is currently involved in many enterprises more competitive keywords is increasing, while the love Shanghai auction is often based on keyword bidding competition of charge, usually the incentive degree is higher, so the cost will be higher. This in order to make better use of advertising for these keywords, we need to put in time should always keep online customer service, so for any possible consultation will have a professional personage of the reception, so it can effectively improve the conversion rate of flow. Because the customer service on the one hand can enhance the consultant’s confidence, but also to enhance the brand image of the website, and not only will result in the loss of the flow, and will cause the loss of the degree of brand.

first, in time to put on more data, in marketing to more budget and best able to achieve all-weather inputs, and analyze data in every period of time, but also to eliminate or control the flow of high but less communication consulting time, which at the same time analysis time to put into effect better, higher conversion rate. Through this continuous statistical analysis also helps the keywords on the reference.

is now engaged in network marketing there are a variety of ways, but for the love of Shanghai bid I believe that many companies are not unfamiliar, because for many businesses, they want to improve website ranking, often very difficult, because this kind of enterprise website is very focused on website more Menlian, website pages Landscaping, but also relates to the sales order. Other content sites, for the website optimization are ignored in different degrees, so this kind of website to get traffic on the Internet, the most important way is through love Shanghai auction.

but love Shanghai bidding is not a very cheap way of marketing, if companies invest in this area do not pay attention to the techniques, actually the cost is not high, and even marketing spending is far greater than the income situation. But if you use, you can achieve more income than the cost of bidding. So how to improve the bidding price of Shanghai love

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