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according to my understanding, sh419 only for individual members withholding taxes, while the user is different, because the company did not "personal service income tax", all income of the company should be regarded as operating income, therefore, sh419 alliance never users withholding taxes, users must provide invoices to the sh419 Inc sh419 after receipt of the invoice the payment by the company, the user their own tax to the local tax authorities.

small company taxes:

real income of an enterprise is the final income after operating expenses are deducted from the various costs and expenses of the company. As a result of the tax calculation method is complicated, and the small company’s financial statements is not perfect, self declaration of income may not be accurate, therefore, many local tax authorities on a small scale, according to the general revenue of 13% as the actual income of the enterprise. The tax rate of enterprise income tax is divided into 33%, 27%, 18% and three kinds. The actual income of 30 thousand is less than 18%, and more than 30 thousand and 100 thousand are below 27%.

, the Internet retail giant, founded Amazon for four years and is unprofitable, while most porn sites can start making money at the start of six months. Most large porn sites don’t have a profit margin of less than 20%. Private, which is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, grew by more than 200% each quarter, with a net profit margin of 29% in the first quarter. And in Canada’s Casa Rosso company, gross profit margin has reached 20%.

tax payable = business tax + income tax = operating income × 5.5% business tax rate + operating income × 13% × 27% income tax rate

Description: this simple calculation applies only to small companies with an actual revenue of less than 100 thousand

single income tax payable = turnover × 9%

enterprise income tax = enterprise real income × tax rate


A simple calculation formula of

then, the same amount of income is the tax withheld by an individual user, or is it the tax paid by a company user?

therefore, a simple calculation method of single enterprise income tax payable is:

income 3000 yuan, the tax payable =3000&t>

to understand this problem, you need to understand the company’s tax standards. The tax payable by the company mainly includes two kinds: sales tax and enterprise income tax,

that month, sh419 advertising revenue 1000 yuan, the tax payable =1000 × 9% = 90 yuan.

, operators of porn websites proudly say to mainstream web operators: "come and learn how to make money online."." Indeed, those e-commerce websites need to "learn" – porn sites pornographic website this is not only because the earliest beginning to recognize the opportunities brought by the Internet, and these websites have know-how to make money online is much higher than the mainstream website.

porn sites have long been focused on getting profits because most porn sites have to survive and grow on their own cash flow. As the global and multinational enterprises, most of the pornography office set up in low wage countries, such as Czech Republic, in order to avoid the EU high wages and rigid labour laws. In order to make profits as early as possible, pornographic websites are always at the forefront of the development of Internet technology. They are big consumers of bandwidth because they first use online video technology to send pornographic movies to users’ personal computers. In addition, porn sites have been operating costs strictly from the beginning of their operations, and the mainstream sites often wait until the company has been cut off before they realize the need to control costs. Long ago, you should understand porn sites to do the simple, easy to navigate, these sites are the earliest Internet companies by Java software program using the Java software program so that users do not need to install the plug-in program you can play video content on the computer.

In the previous article,

business tax = operating income × tax rate sales tax, education surtax, urban construction tax, total 5.5% or so

introduced the tax standard for individual users of the sh419 Union admin5/plus/view.php aid=83174. So, how do you pay for the company’s users? Is it better for the publisher to make sh419 alliances in the name of individual users or users of the company?

At a multimedia conference in London,

this article does not specifically discuss how pornographic websites build membership, collect membership fees and other money making tricks, but discuss the website planning and management of pornographic websites and the similarities and differences between marketing and ordinary websites.

summed up, pornography website is a theme, planning the people’s instinctive needs, two, the technology first introduced into the market, three, cost control, four, web browsing simple, clear profit model. In fact, the details, the management of pornographic sites is still worth learning: 1, strict management of membership, strict restrictions on members of advertising posts and links to the reply. It seems that all forums are trying to avoid advertising and water stickers. The following is a forum declaration: advertising, viruses, irrigation, trouble making, and this edition is not available

this article is inspired by this article on how porn sites make money.

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