Dai Zhikang in a successful caseAlternative survival for navigation sites

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

three years ago, a friend of Cai Wensheng complained to him that his father had bought a computer, but he could not type and could not remember so many websites. What should he do? This inspired Cai Wensheng, who decided to put aside the traditional trade he had done for years and concentrate on doing the Internet navigation.


VC does not train people. I want to train unqualified grassroots entrepreneurs into entrepreneurs who have some experience. Why don’t I want to be a VC? Because in the early days, the participation rate of investors is relatively high."


source: I, dark horse Author: and Yang

average every day, Cai Wensheng’s website has more than 5 million of the amount of visits, in the global website ranking in more than 100. Up to 15 million of users, every day to sh419 to bring massive hits. In many people’s eyes, sh419 is already the gateway to the Internet, and Cai Wensheng simply pulled the threshold out of the small step. This small step brings the gospel to many people who don’t understand Pinyin, middle-aged and middle-aged people who don’t know how to type, and novices who have just touched computers and don’t know the search engines.

, Zhang Wei and Dai Zhikang started at the same time. They all started by picking up bits and pieces of Chinese internet. Dai did Discuz, and later sold to Tencent. Zhang is a person in the long axis, Tencent monopolized 10 years before twenty-first Century, he always adhere to the products of a group chat chat room. This project is not because innovation is not understood, but is completely unreliable. Zhang Wei on this product for 7 years, in 2004 will also be established in 2001, the studio upgraded to interactive interactive company. More let a person feel unbelievable is written during the slogan of Zhang Wei demonstrates that PPT: group said – beat outsiders think quite absurd and doomed the vision, Zhang eyes emit "very tough" eyes.


, in brief, 265 is a web site navigation station. Landing 265 will be found, the top is dotted with all kinds of Web links, portals, news, games, entertainment, sports and other traditional categories can not be fully summarized. As a matter of fact, the applications required by ordinary Internet users can be found almost everywhere on the 265.

265 site is not famous enough, perhaps just because the mainstream users are not enough attention to it. But the site has unwittingly become one of the most widely used homepages in Chinese computers.


many search engines use "end users" it may be difficult to understand, every day, tens of millions of less proficient computer users a boot will take the initiative to enter the site navigation station, from here to your site to love. Obviously, it’s profitable. Three years ago, Fujian Cai Wensheng saw this business. Now, every month he gets a net profit of millions. Two years ago, 265 rare access to venture capital. Recently, there was even news that they were starting to go public.

find short board

although that time Discuz is only a small company revenue 10 million yuan, but by the end of 2007, Zhou Hongyi invested 1 million yuan jointly invested Zhang Wei. Dai Zhikang for many years, has been pondering the interaction of China’s venture capital. "VC investment is in the market grab ready-made people, a bit like enterprise recruitment, recruitment is high-quality entrepreneurs, big company executives, two entrepreneurs, but China is more low quality entrepreneurs, is grassroots. Grassroots entrepreneurs to do copy cat, which is obviously not reliable, because there are too many copy cat.

Dai Zhikang Zhang Wei these years, the heart from time to time surprise, not only because from Jinshan Zhang Wei still will wear pants into the elderly high waist pants.

"in fact, a lot of people don’t use search engines. Many people don’t type. Big companies feel that the market is small and non mainstream." "But we see opportunities that other people don’t see," he said."

believes that Zhang Weiruo is back in the big company and must earn more money than he does full-time. Wearing doubts that Zhang Wei’s philosophy must be a lot of people blow off, why did he so axis to do this thing? Why do I believe I can still have a great determination and courage? Followers? Concluded, "this thing is not necessarily strong commendatory terms but I think, this dedicated people very cow B. To some extent, the man is a man of god." Invest in the future of a man of God, the ratio of failure to geometry?

convince others, in essence, is a process of competition self-confidence, even if things are not reliable, but others can feel this confidence. Dai admire Zhang’s personality charm very much. Boya interactive nest in the house, a stay is four or five years, "done seven or eight years, that is, four or five employees, but has always been those people."."

i the city voted horse introduction Zhang Wei is a "God", has spent seven years to defeat the group, after this thing is not reliable, they finally ushered in a turning point on the Dezhou poker.

Internet competition is getting worse and worse, 265 such small websites in the "navigation" in this market segments found their own living space.

Cai Wensheng made a statistic, which surprised many people — one million people on the Internet in China couldn’t find sh419 every day! The typical scene is this: "friend," A asked. "Do you know sh419?" Friend B replied, "of course I do."! Then he found the sh419 search box at 265 and started searching…… Cai Wensheng’s conclusion is that Chinese Internet application level and not as high, low tech Internet entrance may meet the needs of ordinary users, as they need to watch TV as remote control.

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