Personal Adsense, some quick ways to make moneySeven questions to consider before starting a busines

3. sell CMS template, the starting point is relatively high, it will make their own website template, now may not be popular, do too much, but the template demand is still relatively strong, the general price is in the hundreds of above, simple or two hundred or three hundred, if you do, you >

requirements: familiar with HTML and website procedures, familiar with small and medium-sized Adsense group

the attention and frequency of the needs here are also important. The best choice of high frequency, high unit price demand, in general, the more high-frequency demand, the more likely to produce a larger company. For example: in the daily travel, dining areas have emerged, new high level leaders by travel enterprises.

disadvantages: tired

must choose the right industry, the start-up team into the line is the biggest opportunity. Choose a profession is very important; choose Chaoyang industry, rather than the sunset industries; for example Chinese social benefits on the rise of the middle class, consumption upgrade; high-tech emerging industry; financial, medical, education, beauty as the representative of the service industry, these industry is a good industry and traditional industry it is not a good choice.

fourth question: competitor

third questions: market size

, with the support of the national public entrepreneurship and multi innovation policy, the tide of entrepreneurship has risen again. This word appears in the memory of entrepreneurs, clearly remember when in a high class, speaking after the national home competition comes from the competition between enterprises and entrepreneurs is standing in the front of revered by the people all over the world. High wind, perhaps from that time on, in the heart of a seed vaguely rooted in the heart, that is, in the future to become a successful entrepreneur. Vaguely remember in 09 years when the country is to support entrepreneurship, 09 years began to constantly explore and learn entrepreneurship related knowledge, high wind when the talent market in Qingdao will have a weekly entrepreneurial small share, every time the rest will go to. Also, when there are related venture projects exhibition, I also actively participate. In the middle of the system after so many years, entrepreneurship, done projects, work, life has been so. Also recently heard a share, think in the future if there is a chance to start business, the seven problems before entrepreneurship must be thought clearly. This probability of success may double the success rate.

2. sell program, we do not underestimate the selling process, if you can get online now whether it is black or others to develop their own station program all the procedures what most collected, can not spend much money, about 2000 yuan will be able to fix, and then sell the full-time program, as long as you are diligent, ten days to recover the cost the problem, if you focus on customer service and service, you might do more easily, if you have a keen eye to know which program is easy to sell, you may make a fortune.

second questions: requirements

requirements: familiar with small and medium-sized websites and Adsense groups, will determine the quality of the site link

needs to analyze the market size of the segments in which the product is needed in the entire market, rather than the size of the market as a whole. For example: the size of the entire education market is large, and the demand for entrepreneurship is the product of online education, and the size of the market is too large, rather than as a whole, according to the size of the education market to judge. If so, it’s dangerous.

advantages: low starting point,

recommendation: * *

the demand here is most feared by the imagination of the entrepreneur, rather than the actual existence, or the need for detailed analysis and research.

needs to think about whether there are competitors in the market in its chosen niche. Without competitors, it would be better, of course, to have competitors in general. What’s needed to think about is the current competition grid

advantages: low starting point,

recommended index:

a lot of contact webmaster, oneself still not a qualified webmaster, do not want to, just energy is not allowed, now the webmaster, especially some very cow webmaster muffled money, is not revealed to make money, make some small webmaster the toss, do this and that, eventually make money, I share some money to you here, what do you do like traffic GG ah, ah what do ya to sell advertising is not mentioned, the earth people know, said several common ways to make money, we hope to add all of the people is not reliable when no see but, believe me, I know the webmaster is doing, but also to earn money.

1. sell links, spend a few buy a PR3 sh419 included normal domain name, and then do a content more myself and others to exchange links, a few days later sh419 reincluding, and began selling links, as long as you are smart enough, you will make your site as much as possible because it included, you can improve the price of a single link, even if you don’t, I think sh419 will not PR3 station 10 days not update, as long as sh419 update included, you can start to make money, the cheapest 10 yuan to calculate a PR3 link, a few days to sell 20 no problem, this is the worst. If you are willing to grasp the investment can buy PR4, PR5 link, you not only money, but also can not sell links, otherwise the site will be K. According to my observation, now the Admin5 forum sales chain area post is hot, because many people are buying and selling links.

first question: industry

disadvantages: a station is easy to be K or drop power, income is not too stable,

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