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as entrepreneurial companies in the beginning must be ready for the market demand, in a clear data analysis results, we can analyze about the future prospects of the company, so the data analysis is a very important point for the entrepreneurial company, also is the point that can not be ignored.

Internet insiders from multiple dimensions of Yu Jiawen were questioned, resume, sensational stories, the company’s products, as well as the business model has been pointed out that "Yu Jiawen boast", more micro-blog marketing experts "Bachu Yu Jiawen pointed out that the old micro-blog" character problem".

two, product service positioning

1. Market demand analysis

as an entrepreneurial company, after we analyzed a series of market demand, we need to do service positioning is very accurate for the company’s products and services, that is what we can provide to the user, to solve the problem of what.

, the perfect dating company in the drama, serves every client with a different scheme, never overlapping, unique. Let the user experience a unique dating and encounter service.

in the play the male lead and two men are well-known advertising industry, a great network of resources online; and in the female two is a computer genius, understand how to use the Internet to promote the promotion, expand the visibility and influence. And in >

see me for a few hours, I can hardly sit still. A light a Double Happiness 1906, then go to the drawer and took out a box of potato chips to share with me, in the conversation gap also took Guitar – it is said that this is a high school girlfriend taught his instrument.

, despite his reputation as a great CEO, is still a child, and this is the most intuitive experience. "I’m young,"

, male two in dating expert, is a mathematical genius who has a strong analysis of data. When they opened the company at the beginning of the venture is not clearly positioned, has done a very thorough data analysis, understanding of user needs, because there is demand, there will be market. Let’s take a look at the dating expert. The second episode starts in 37 minutes.

four, online and offline combination

I came to the office of the super curriculum ahead of schedule. Small clean office environment, and other Internet Co is not much difference. The biggest difference is that the busy employees are mostly young people who are not childish. Yu Jiawen is seeing a wave of middle-aged guests, "I was just talking with ALI how to complete 1 hundred million of the dividend target, the RMB."". Yu Jiawen volunteered to tell whom he had just met, and joked that the $100 million mentioned was not a satirical Vietnamese shield, but the renminbi, which is a short-term target for the super curriculum".

90 CEO halo under, is still a child,

in the dating expert, they started to do the data analysis, for their own services do a good location, the company services are divided into four categories: 1, to provide customers with perfect encounter; 2, to help customers make appointments plan; 3, will provide about 4 simulation packages; help, not the object of providing training services.

, I’ve got a soft fire. This "challenge the adult business world after 90", experienced by the storm of public opinion is still no sign of ceasing. Poor students, entrepreneurship, investment of 100 million yuan, 90, Ali, personality, these labels intertwined "more than good" become a public topic.


as an entrepreneurial company, we also have a sense of innovation, constantly provide new products and services to the user, never do an immutable and frozen company, once it shows you the immutable and frozen, the prospects for the company have been fixed, never bigger and stronger. Enterprises must have the awareness and ability to innovate continuously.

Yu Jiawen has been in my circle of friends for more than a year, and the nickname "young master" is quite consistent with his temperament. About every 3-5 circle of friends, from the super curriculum home aunt, from friends and pets, has been outspoken, many of which are from the pictures. Yu Jiawen likes animals. He has dogs and squirrels at home. He plays guitar, smokes, drinks and loves traveling. "Super curriculum" has encountered investment difficulties, Yu Jiawen in CCTV about the misdiagnosis story, in the circle of friends have traces.

a few days ago a Tencent close to sources, Yu Jiawen to talk about cooperation Tencent, Tencent who more than 5 minutes late, the first sentence is: "you how so Tencent are not punctual!" several talks down to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled cooperation with Tencent, I really good personality, but on the outside the evaluation is not objective ".

three, innovative consciousness ability

Yu Jiawen is going through a lot of similar stories that pop Internet entrepreneurs once went through. Whether the spotlight Yu Jiawen is how a person? Super curriculum product how? Guangzhou weekend technology limited in how to work? No uncles and aunts to the misunderstanding? I try to, colleagues and friends from his own voice, to restore it all.

Dating Expert of this drama recently very fire, two days ago a friend introduced to me, let me see that I did not talk about a girlfriend who can go to take a look, and see how girls and chat. So I spent a day watching the dating expert, and there was a lot of talk about dating and dating, and it really made me grow up. But I probably because of occupational disease reasons, after reading, more thinking is about the development of start-up companies. Next, I’ll take a look at some of your own opinions about startups after watching dating experts:

Analysis of

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