No discounts, only free tickets! Pig eight nets, August eight free single 100 thousand single help s

also made a lot of subtraction on the product, "before the product has a strong social attributes, similar to the function of Linkedin.". Recruitment tools and social integration is not good, as soon as possible to cut off, to ensure that each function is done, and then do something else. For example, resume, publish positions and so on, each detail function, do enough user experience, and then realize the next step." Feng Tao said, feeling suddenly found a solid product secrets.

avoid single, 100 thousand single, so that business is no longer difficult


with these services as the basis, free single aid to create a real value and significance. Tens of thousands of service providers on the platform also join this free single boom, providing 600 creative choice, 100 thousand single Zhuchuang service, let entrepreneurs feel entrepreneurship is not difficult, is not a casual joke.

Feng Tao realized that although the traditional three recruitment sites accounted for nearly 60% of the recruitment market, but since so many enterprises are still in the community watercress recruitment, apparently there are still some market demand has not been met. Then, in the second half of 2011, Feng Tao with several partners on a separate portal, online recruitment website, which is the predecessor of the Zhou Botong recruitment network.

Feng Tao reorganized the team as a warning for the future, at the end of 2013, the original partner in only one person chose to stay.

this time, Feng Tao will mark the positioning of the adjustment: focus increased, narrowed the mouth, do more segments of the market – just do Internet recruitment, especially the mobile Internet market.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" policy call, young people want to start, but they seem to have the same business reason: I have no money, if I had the money, how many…… entrepreneurship is blocked in the money, not on the threshold of resources. Pig quit network founder Zhu Mingyue told Entrepreneurs: "no money, you can also start a business, may also create a great career.". This summer, you start, I pay the bill."

, as a double basic supporting platform, the pig network is to build the largest in the history of entrepreneurship "in August eight free one-day Carnival", there is no discount, no concessions, only free, it is true to the entrepreneurial festival.

two years failed to touch out the product experience

August eight free day, detonated the Internet era of entrepreneurship event

in addition, the financing has also made the wrong decision, although talking about a number of investment institutions, including a number of Feng Tao dished out an olive branch. But the whole team felt that the amount of financing was too small and that the next investor could be given a higher valuation. Finally, Feng Tao missed the best opportunity to finance, leading to the company gradually into awkward predicament, partners are gradually born to italy.

logo started by former design Witkey website, today to develop into the largest service Crowdsourcing platform, zhubajie deep in Chongqing for nine years, and then suddenly get 2 billion 600 million yuan C round of financing, valuation of over ten billion, 2010 is the layout of the National Lightning expansion. The speed of the expansion of this kind of lightning doubt, Zhu Mingyue said: "in today’s concept of rampant entrepreneurship, there are micro business, there are groups, there are O2O, and recently there are VR. Looking back ten years, too many people are conceptual model and trend of kidnapping and tide coerced, and forget the great business is a business, income and expenditure reduction is profit, the formula for thousands of years has never changed." Pig network lightning with profit expansion is the expansion of defense for nine years, seven are Tengyun, in preparation for the expansion of lightning.

on the A round of financing the use of funds, Feng Tao said, part of the funds will be used for product development, enhance user experience; in addition, will use a lot of >

products after the revision of the effect is significant, in less than 6 months, the number of registered enterprises in more than 6 thousand Zhou Botong, these companies have released more than thirty thousand job opportunities. The user delivers resume more than 700 thousand person time, actual registered user has about 400000.

" in the Internet era, the leaders of the state and the provinces and cities have also visited and investigated the innovative business model and enterprise development war

as I have the Divine Comedy "pioneering entrepreneurship pig" in the lyrics: "I have entrepreneurial pig, what troubles are behind and I have entrepreneurial pig, what problems can be resolved" sings, let everyone when it comes to business immediately thought of zhubajie.

and this time, Feng Tao also firmly grasp the capital of favor, from the new version of the line to get NetEase capital A round of financing in less than six months.

It is reported that

, Zhou Botong, CEO, Feng Tao want to enter online recruitment, is derived from a few years ago in the bean recruitment team, after two years of accumulation, in the above release recruitment enterprises, more than 10.

website on-line the first month, the result is also very gratifying, a month has received 100 thousand registered users. But following it, a series of problems surfaced: the growth of users was slow, the product functional details were not good, and the designed Linkedin social attributes were not bought by the users.

With the growing influence of the "

take the pace of expansion at the same time, the business model innovation also continued, cancel the Commission after the data flow, let the pig network completely abandoned the commission driven revenue model, drilling data, intellectual property, pig, pig, pig eight quit printing engineering financial platforms have emerged, "1 N" mode gradually covering all aspects of creative services.

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