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is not only in the United States, but at the time


and part of the name of the person has become in these people, the Internet industry in the big figures, and their names are destined to load the development of the Internet industry in China. Robin Li, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ma Yun these people have to study in the United States or tourist experience, they were in the United States are engaged in Internet related work, some work on the Internet, there is probably no link to exchange visits. But they all shared a common idea at the time that China would be an important place for Internet development. This is closely related to the spread of computers, and computers can be so widespread to millions of households, which is related to an American called Bill ·, Gates. In 1985, the man who created a called Windows Windows computer operating system, the official end of the computer of the DOS era, the more suitable for ordinary people to operate computer operating system to spread to thousands of households. At the same time, the Internet is constantly developing, and the Internet is for people to use, and China is a population in the first place at that time. Moreover, with China’s implementation of the reform and opening policy in the 80~90 century, the economy has been constantly strengthening, and the living standards of the people are constantly improving. It is only a matter of time before computers enter the daily life of the Chinese people, but it seems that they are still far from China at the time. The day after the China Internet industry giant figure, resolutely chose to return home.

pastor? Warrior? Mage? Start a business. Choose a career,

there was a multi-ethnic, multi-ethnic countries gathered over another superpower "cold war" in the last century, after 90s, has been great development in the field of economy and technology, the country is on the only superpower – the United states. In 1946 American invention in human history the first computer computer – ENIAC, after the development of several generations of computers in the last 20 years in 1969 after the country has developed a global network of internet. Since then, a great network era has been opened up. The invention of the Internet has changed the course of human history and has closely linked the countries of the world. The global village is a word from the Internet, initially only in order to meet the two or more computers than the long-distance data transmission and communication, but did not think it would be so day after the development of the great. Even that is changing the global economic situation is not excessive, when the development of the Internet in the United States is not yet mature, while in our country China without a large part of the people do not know that the computer is what things at that time, a number of United States or work may only travel, they saw the development of the Internet, and to predict Chinese will be the main battlefield in the network era, they still give up school, give up work, give up the construction of leisure China joined the internet.

then the Hoston game can be described as smooth, a series of games will continue to stride forward singing militant songs, crazy on-line and achieved very good results. In the process of game promotion, Hao Teng game began experimenting with different ways, such as "crazy guess map", "crazy guess" respectively and Jiangsu TV’s "open sesame" and "Daddy" program of cooperation "," crazy money came from a line is bound to the Tencent application treasure.

two times "go into the pit" lesson, the entrepreneurial direction of the two choice

"pastor" is a stand-alone game, for the channel is equivalent to green leaves, is essential to the beautiful scenery, but the drawback is that may not be the highest income game. The second type is "warrior", that is, online games. The soldiers meant bloody sea in a purple red blaze a world. The third type is the mage, and in many cases the mage means a background and a patron, just as many people say the mage is the son of a game.

at the end of 2010, Guan Miao business partner has just returned to Ireland from Microsoft headquarters, entrepreneurial teams looking for entrepreneurial direction. After analysis and discussion, we find that entrepreneurship can be subdivided into three occupations, namely, pastors, warriors and wizards.

then "Hao Teng game decided to choose the" most handsome "soldiers" began his entrepreneurial journey, also got Xu Xiaoping’s initial investment. But the "warrior" road is not initially expected a smooth road, the first game in the direction of the wrong choice, second games due to lack of experience, time-consuming and expensive too long stranded. Guan Miao said, the two pits burned 3 million funds, was already in a very passive Hoston game situation, exactly how to do

August 26th, "Crazy" to change the development of "Hao Teng game" VP Guan Miao guest Tencent developers forum about Hoston games start on the road of experience and emotion. Guan Miao believes that entrepreneurship is just like playing games, game, upgrade, war, copy, attribute selection has everything. Not only to choose their own occupation, holding the thigh of the older generation, but also in the "copy" to find ways to play good equipment. Guan Miao explained that the Tencent open platform "copy" inside, there are micro download, chain, wide point, experience four God equipment not to be missed.

Guan Miao Hao Teng game According to

finally, Hao Teng team and did not flinch to work for others, but for the two time to choose the direction of the business on the road, turn around "priest" game. Although it is green leaves, but also to do all the platforms are recognized as the best green leaves.

Guan Miao, "" crazy money came in May this year, Tencent application treasure do new start during the first one was.

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