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‘s Thoughts on more Internet startups

as everyone knows, now the Internet industry, in addition to the "wild" period of the creation of enterprises, the industry generally more intense competition. If you want to survive in a competitive industry, you must innovate in the product market, and the market will not allow many stereotyped products exist. Each division of the Internet industry is the only 2-3, leading enterprises can get very good, and the rest of the general profits of enterprises is not large.

June 13th, Wukong bicycle officer issued a circular, said: "Wukong bike officially announced the withdrawal of shared bike market, and began to set up a rehabilitation team, the vehicle has been put in and paid the user refund.". The brand was founded in the bike sharing in early 2017, and only in Chongqing area were put to fail when announced, its founder said it had a total loss of millions, to market out thousands of bikes have all disappeared.


Two reasons for

, the Wu Wu bike, chose the first model market in Chongqing, the famous mountain city. It was a fatal mistake. As a result of many downhill reasons, the public may be reluctant to travel by bike. But after OFO and after entering Chongqing Mobell still succeed because their own brand. In the pioneering project, once the market choice is wrong, it will lead to a deadlock in the expansion of the market before, and can not choose expansion, replication, and then go to ruin.



failure, no clear market positioning,

the Internet, for a lot of survival hoodwinked by the entrepreneur, may be in the winter, but the real work of entrepreneurs, is still spring, because the machine will also exist on the Internet very much. In this environment, there will be more and more buddies step into the Internet industry to start business.

for Internet entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs think money is very important to myself, but I think most Internet entrepreneurs are not money. Here, the "most needed" three words are used to show that capital is not the first. But why do you say that?

1, the ability to make money

I have always thought that all

2, the ability to see the money

for Internet entrepreneurs, have the ability to make money, everything will become a bit dull, but the Internet is a dream stage, all entrepreneurs have the opportunity to do the very large. Therefore, for Internet entrepreneurs, the second required ability is "the ability to see money"!"

on the Internet there are many opportunities, opportunities are behind the money, you can see the money?

failure for three reasons, no product features,

put the bike Wukong in time for the 2017 January, this time Mobell has created more than half a year, and the completion of the north, on the broad, deep first-tier cities layout. At this point, the higher demand for the enterprises that share the bike, and the need to have a clearer business model and relatively new products, can be a slice of the market. Blind pursuit of air, can only become cannon fodder.

is also at the beginning of the June Mobell bicycle has announced more than $600 million to complete a new round of financing, the bicycle industry single financing record sharing record; on the same day, "colorful bicycle" conference was successfully held in Beijing, Beijing, Shanghai and officially put in, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin five first tier city the city has a "red orange and yellow, green, green, blue, purple seven colors. It is really a few happy tears, in the bicycle industry some share has fallen, some are way down, and some have been successful, but there are a lot of birth. The following, I will take you to discuss the failure of this first bike sharing bike failure, to help more people get the right Internet Project entrepreneurship ideas.

failure is one of the reasons: the demonstration market selection is wrong,

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