don’t know how hard it is. Don’t tell me to pay attention to sleepYiqifa 91ka digital mall today t

single look at the spring doctor, there was no policy support: as early as 2014, Wei Planning Commission has issued opinions, non medical institutions may not carry out telemedicine services". Mobile medical treatment had to play a touch line, in recent years has finally been officially recognized.

had an interview, Zhang Rui also expressed anxiety: "before going to bed at night will worry about the broken capital chain how to do morning and playing their own spirit encourage, products to solve so many people suffering, so valuable, will get the money, but not to the fate."

a few days ago, the departure of an Internet entrepreneur, attracted a lot of sigh.

Abstract: in the face of such a person, you tell him to "fully sleep, eat on time, do more exercise? Tell him that the body is the capital of revolution? The face in front of the bed to finance the hair, in order to optimize the service and all these people and, say a mouth. No matter what the heart expects, words become thin.

the fruit is hanging on the branch, but the tree plant is gone.



did not have a doctor’s resource: Zhang Rui even had a visit to a doctor to give smart phones and teach them how to use App.

even if you haven’t used spring rain, the doctor may have touched other results of Zhang rui. As a former deputy editor in chief of the NetEase for him, "Netease Open Class" launched, and successfully launched the NetEase news client, grab a piece of ground in the mobile era.

dear Webmaster:


      91ka digital mall is founded by Guangzhou new pan Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and is dedicated to digital goods online sales of e-commerce platform.  : 91ka currently offers a wide range of digital products such as game cards, game cards, game gold coins, Internet / telephone cards, music / movie cards, and friendship / entertainment cards.

                   ;               &n>

, "doctor of spring rain", an online medical consulting platform, aims to connect doctors and patients through the Internet to improve the mismatch of medical resources in china. "When you think of names, it’s spring. It’s raining outside the window." – "the silent thing" is about the vision of the founding team.

, but the road to change is never easy.

in the fall, spring rain, doctors have nearly 100 million users to provide online treatment services, valued at billions of dollars, is planning IPO. CEO Zhang, sudden myocardial infarction, died in October 5th.

friends recalled, Zhang Rui "can not see" a lot of things, do not understand the news situation, want to change; unable to accept the medical situation, want to change. "There’s always something to change, or TMD to live."

has no investor appeal: in order to finance, Zhang Rui met more than one hundred investors in two months. B round of financing when completed, Zhang Rui because of stress and alopecia areata, the left hair all white.

of course, the fruit is left for posterity. Even if you don’t have the rain doctor App, may also pay close attention to the micro signal of his home, everyone is so busy, have a headache and slight fever illness, no time to queue to see a doctor, online inquiry light is a good compromise.

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