Share a few new Wangzhuan planning advice.

his niece is a university in the reading of the Book Design Bachelor, usually love to do things like LOGO tags, the effect is good, the pig also earn a lot of money, and a few students recently opened a so-called studio, seems to make a lot of money. In fact, this is also good, some children do poineering work together with the drum is beaten, than when crush vitae, look at the other people more active. But then asked them to ask their ideas, for the future is how to plan, they are very optimistic, I think it is quite good, part-time to do LOGO will be able to have income, much stronger than leaflets. It is said, but always Wangzhuan is to have planning, after all, a few young people together, set up a studio. If only the guerrilla, the next task in Witkey website, this approach certainly does not work, the following e-heng will give you several ideas about themselves to novices in the programming.

to strengthen the skills of small projects, the development of network

any contact Wangzhuan friends don’t abandon those small orders, although the amount is limited, but the same is not high, not only can do some appropriate to consolidate their skills, but also enhance the confidence in their field, can be said to be two stone carving. But the novice friends only look to see in this apparently not, in the early Wangzhuan process, there is an important goal of small project is to set up their own customer network, through small task orders, gradually exposed to some big demand or long-term cooperation customers, like my niece, although a LOGO100 do but in her customers are also willing to spend 1000 dollars to do LOGO customers, priority among priorities and this part of the resources we screened out is the future development.

on the basis of the existing, do expand the service support

is a project to make money is limited, and the like that line Feng Gong said, now the play is a comprehensive strength, after all, the customer demand is not single, when he asked whether you do LOGO, he also need advertisements and promotional planning services for the development. This problem is the novice Wangzhuan needs to pay attention in the second stage of the Wangzhuan present, not just in the service field, writing appropriate to do some writing press releases and event planning scheme can become the choice of young people, thus not only enrich their product range, as far as possible to retain resources, also the customers think we are more professional, of course this is just to the point, we can make a reasonable judgment according to their own industry.

seize the network, began to do brand

If this

is a relatively mature Wangzhuan form, when everyone in a project to do better, can be like the brand direction, on the one hand we have the brand promotion, on the other hand there is more active discourse on the pricing, not inferior. Of course, this is not the most important, the most important is

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