User experience is not so complicated, just starting from a little bit

before I said, the chain is attracted to spiders, content retention is the user. Whether the chain or the content, they are not separate with the other, they are closely linked. In our website weight is not high enough to allow users to remember our station, we have to attract spiders, so that spiders tell users the presence of the site. So, how can we retain users, in addition to good content, but also needs a good user experience?. The user experience covers a wide range, and today I’m talking about the user experience in more detail.

first, the website text and background have a clear contrast, so that visitors can see the contents of the text, some website background color is gray, but the word is also almost gray, so to see the others had to close to the screen, it will bring the visual discomfort, see for a long time the eyes will be painful, I believe that few users to see your article specially to see the screen, unless this is really good, otherwise people don’t need to see your article, because the site is now so much, you can not see, the website is; there is the text is too small, so visitors had to look closer to the screen, this will let your own web page is not easy to read, this is certainly not conducive to watch. Search engines also think the font size is too small to reduce the weight of the site. The general Chinese font will be used at least 12, if the news is, should be considered the No. 14 song. Only in this way can the readability of the article be improved. Website optimization, sometimes we have to stand in the user’s point of view for them.

The form of the link in the

station is also easy to ignore. Some Adsense deliberately do not want users to see the link is a link, so the color of the text made the same as the ordinary one, use this way to do within the chain, I think in this form of chain to the user is not very friendly, so in the chain has no meaning to the viewer, because people can not find. This is not so in the chain can reduce the rate of jump out ". We should make links look more like links, and the surrounding text distinction, so that it is convenient for visitors, search engines also think that this is very consistent with the site experience, of course, to optimize site optimization.

article to learn to use the segmented small pieces or small title form, if an article has been written, not proper to block it, then it is again good also not a lot of people, so "spectacular" space will allow visitors to flinch, the solution is to segment the text into small pieces it seems clear, the organization. Users read without effort. Appropriate, general text can be bold, so that more structured. You can also use < h1> tags. This will allow you to better optimize the content of your site. Even if people really do not see, then look at the bold font, but also know what the article about writing something. The width of the text should also be controlled, not too narrow. Too wide is not conducive to the beauty of web pages.

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