Why do local websites decline and what industries do they rely on to make money in the future

just a few days ago, the famous Internet angel investor Cai Wensheng in the long lead investment conference, specifically mentioned local websites, full of criticism. Several local websites, such as X, X, X, are labeled as "fading". Have to pay attention, Cai Wensheng is China’s well-known investors in the most understanding of a local website, it is said that the transfer of X fish in the year, he is one of the bidders. The current surge in a local site, it is said that his investment, as expected in his speech, but for the future of the site, he gives the evaluation is affirmative. Cai Wensheng’s speech also contributed to the completion of this article. Originally, I was planning to think a little longer.



Cai Wensheng says is an aspect of the angel investor’s concern – flow. The Internet project can not be avoided two aspects: traffic, profit model. The trend in traffic is this: a second tier cities, a large regional Internet platform has been subverted. The three line of the city of new and old regional Internet platform is fight – side is the new media, since the media, while the old local website. Four or five line cities, old brands with brands and teams still have years to live on.

this article focuses on the other side: the profit model.

2006, the birth of the 19 floor, tell the industry, there is a field called local website. In 2008, the Hefei forum told a regional internet law that local websites can quickly get traffic through local information and multi industry operations, and then quickly turn traffic into revenue through vertical industries. In other words, do a comprehensive flow of content growth, vertical income increase faster. After a few years of verification, we found that the mainstream income of local websites, the industry has nothing to do with real estate, home, marriage, automobile, talent. Subsequently, 8 years, the leading enterprises in this field, 19 floor, Hefei forum annual revenue exceeded 100 million yuan mark, further proved the correctness of the law. The question we are going to talk about today is the law.

yes, as long as you are concerned with the Regional Internet industry, you will care about what the future of the local website depends on the industry to make money. But how many people will reflect on the fact that this argument is tenable? What are its prerequisites,


so I have to say: if someone jumped in 2016, is determined to tell you that the future will be in the local site specific whichever industry profit. This man is either a madman or a liar.

because the industry we are facing is undergoing a subversive revolution, judging by past experience and assumptions, all the results may be wrong. We are not only facing the future changes in the profitability of the industry, but also face the revolution in the pattern of industry profits.

1. The rules of the Regional Internet industry have changed, and the old rules are not working.

, let’s take a look at 20> first

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