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all the new and old webmaster friends Hello, I am Babala Music Forum webmaster, this forum is a friend and I have to work together, because we are fond of music, so do one of their own interest to do their own station! Said the station has a fast 3 years, say the psychological, and the station also has a lot of, but most of them did not succeed! Fortunately do stand is not enough to make a living, happiness within. In fact, I think a lot of grassroots webmaster may be like me, very little success. Review your 3 years of doing station career, I think I should have so little qualifications, summed up the reasons for failure,

!A website positioning

many owners love to follow suit, but also including me, to see what the fire online do what, in fact when we follow when we were doomed to failure because of chance, have a group of elite owners ahead away most of the market, even a little bit of "bread" the remaining residue has so many crazy evil roots in the fierce competition in the snatch, as can be imagined, so the planning and positioning of the site is very important.


two web site overall planning which is also very important, we must stand in the user’s point of view, planning the site, any one column we have to ask ourselves what users need, how to do can give users the best experience, in addition to see some similar website analysis the advantages and disadvantages, they learn from each other, from the breakthrough! This is a key step to do this, maybe you can A new force suddenly rises. in the same site.

development plan three website from their website officially launched the moment, we must establish the development plan in mind, step by step, do not act with undue haste, because we have no resources, no money, so we have to do is Wenzhongqiusheng, you can make your own goal.

, for example:

online development after the first month to each online IP500 or registered users 300, and then set the publicity plan, pick up their own small book, written, seriously write their own propaganda program. Then to do is this a month every day adhere to the implementation of your own publicity plan, if you insist on a month, you can stand flow plan with you a lot of the poor, then you should consider adjusting its propaganda plan


publicity programme reference:

1: late 7:30 – 8:30, friendship link exchange;

2: 8:30 pm – 9:30; other publicity;

3: 9:30 pm – 10:30; other publicity;

4: late 10:30 after the break (a reasonable time, can guarantee the harmony of the family, also can ensure the health of the body, earn more money to spend a life ah, not to mention you may also not be profitable, then tired body can be throwing good money after disease, hey).

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