How to write high-quality original articles, so that Baidu seconds to collect

talking about how to write high quality original articles, and let Baidu seconds, but perhaps for many webmaster is expected, and not every webmaster to write the original article can do the seconds, at the A5 station in operation, small share to write their own original high quality Baidu seconds experience for everyone, hope that the webmaster website will be on the upgrade in the future ranking optimization. Now let’s get to the point of this article.

if you want your site has good rankings in the future optimization then you must first on their web sites to do the content or products have a more in-depth understanding, such as small do skin care products website, then start from the brand of skin care products to understand, when you to understand the brand, must spend more time and effort into the brand product knowledge, these knowledge need a relatively long time and accumulation, and then through their grasp of product knowledge, stand in the customer’s position to write. So, Xiaobian do is skin care products website, must stand in the position of women to write articles, maybe you can not imagine this is the webmaster, but, since the small firm customized skin care products website, it can not rely solely on product promotion, we need to write for the customer to answer the questions as a guide to the this is an important first step, we produce high quality original articles.

well, write high quality original article first step idea we have been very clear, the next step is to write the article, with his statement that only write in their own words the article is original, before writing, we can put our title to write something new in order to be different we can. Baidu with the Title to search, if there is the same title, the second probability will be very low, even if included, the article also won’t have good ranking, it is very important to judge, Xiao Bian found that many owners often ignore or do not understand this method leads to write the article quality is low. Suggest webmaster in start to write the article before, understand Baidu included, this is to write high quality original article second important parts.

if the webmaster before the two step has been done, we began to use their own understanding of the product knowledge on your keyboard, if you really do not know how to write, can refer to other method, this method is called pseudo original, but false original article is now gradually being Baidu increasingly recognized. At least in the "Baidu" spark plan mentioned in such a meaning, therefore, to write a high quality of the original article, you still need the webmaster for snacks, you write ten articles pseudo original, small write a high quality original, the overall quality of the web site are much higher than you, it clearly.

when we write the high quality of the original article, you are released after an hour, will find that Baidu has done the second, specific webmaster can enter small series in A5 operation once wrote "talk about Baidu on the site of the original article" some of the feelings of this article, which is said to have clear. No >

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