Bright Japanese learning network site experience

Hello everyone, I am a bright Japanese learning network webmaster, today I want to say with you my site experience. This station stands less than half a year, but devoted a lot of effort to me. Originally decided to do not stand in order to make money, purely out of love, can adhere to today, but also with the station to do a passion and perseverance. Many friends have advised me to give up the hobby of burning money, but I always believe that personal pursuit is more important than money.

didn’t go so well along the way. I was thinking every day about how to make my station more beautiful, so that traffic would improve, so that people could find what they needed in my station. Many detours have taken place here, but now I look back and see that my station has really grown a lot.

at that time, every day as long as a computer opened, you began to get things on the website, change templates, update content, find links, perfect website plate, see Google, Baidu and so on about Japanese keywords…… In order to ensure the quality of the content of the site, I insist on not collecting, all the contents are manually sent to them, changed and changed, try to make the content correct. Looking at the website day by day up, I feel particularly gratified. With content, the following is how to attract more people to my station to study. Find Links is not easy, because I was new sites, no PR, other owners are not willing to do the link and I, some even speak very harsh, let me this big man, some people can’t stand. But think about it, people say that is not without reason, after all, is my old timers, do station experience is much richer than me. I often ask them about do stand, although sometimes encounter speak very bluntly, but still more than good, many webmaster gave me invaluable advice to me, the station has a great help. At the same time, I also use my sincerity to move them slowly, and finally succeeded in applying for the first link. Slowly, and I do link more and more stations, because they really see the growth of ccxx, I also have confidence. A short period of less than three months, my PR value has risen to 3.

, you know, God played a joke on me, because I used to use a personal space provider, the server moved, and the website was forced to shut down for a month. At that time, I really can not eat, really on the fire. What’s more, later taking root I couldn’t find the cinema, dematerialized. It means that my station is going to start all over again. I am a stubborn temper, start from the beginning, I believe I can make the station better than before. So I found a new space provider, changed the template, updated content, and Friendship Station webmaster explained one by one. Although PR dropped to 0 again, but it doesn’t matter, I will work harder than before to do my Japanese stand, because my interest in standing has never been reduced.

now, the website is on the right track, traffic is improving day by day, but I won’t relax, because doing a station is a job that needs to be persisted for a long time

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