SNS is not a FLASH game & a multi user blog

today, inadvertently, in the UCH forum to see a post, "stand on the members of a sentence – worthy of the majority of SNS webmaster ponder," because they are doing a few days in the SNS site, directly attracted me. There are a lot of posts, roughly as follows:

has the user to make a sentence, "the game is so many, not fun."". Then the owners feel now roam the game can get out of the big rich and happy farm, and parking dispute, the sale of friends, the two, the beginning is really fun, and I found QQ a space for parking spaces, and the interface models are pretty N times. I’ve seen some of the claims do not rely on the game to retain users, but individual owners do not rely on this by what, light write this function, read a lot of uch station, basic is the webmaster in writing, why? Because now we are in the habit of using QQ space, has become a habit. Including the photo album function, the webmaster think is not so much a member of the station will go to write log


of course, the station owner also mentioned how to attract users, retain old users and improve the online rate. For the time being, I just published my opinion and didn’t aim at the webmaster. First of all, many webmasters are taken by the word "SNS". You know, this is a new thing, a virtual community, a community of friends (I understand), and some of the big SNS scenes. When you decide to do the SNS site, do you take into account the specific positioning of the site?. What can be brought to the user? SNS can be said to be a website type, to be more explicit, it is only a program. UCHOME or THINKSS is just a program. The program is only for the web site location and function you want. If you don’t think about it, you just think SNS is interesting. Just go get it. You know, SNS is not a flash+ multi user blog. The game is not fun, boring. This kind of person should be more suitable for FLASH Game Internet bar. If such a user registers a web site for its sole purpose, or that your website brings it to the user, this is the only concept. This kind of user is more suitable to use FLASH game website to detain. Besides, about the blog, this is what users do when they are familiar with the website, have feelings for the website, and have met their friends on the website. It is better to focus on what the user brings and how to interact with the user directly.

games, albums, and logs are also additional features of the SNS website, or interactive features. Added value services to better serve web users. Websites should not be used to attract users. If you want to attract users with features, at least you develop it yourself. We all have the same program, the same function, the same plagiarism. Don’t know for what? For example, there is the way to the company I work to meet an office to find a fellow soldier he, I helped him lead the way, chat is very good. But forgot to ask him his name and contact information. The company is thinking how

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