Website promotion forum should pay attention to several problems in the promotion process

website promotion is the webmaster has been a topic of concern, often on the webmaster website and the forum is also hoping to learn more about some of the ways to promote, at the same time some web links, improve their website exposure. The Internet is a vast platform, and the number of websites is too numerous to list. Did not do promotion site, it is difficult to have users to find their own, without promotion, it means no traffic, no income, it means being eliminated.

website promotion in many ways, webmasters often said there are exchange links, write soft Wen, write blogs, write e-mail, QQ mass information, BBS promotion, Baidu paste bar, know and so on. Website promotion way lists a lot, but which way is best, because of website different, different types of websites with different emphases, the effect is also different. Website promotion, according to its own site type, positioning, target user characteristics, choose the right way, do things half work times. Of course, the content or remember, here said the website promotion is built on the site of rich content, everything is ready only on the basis of promotion.

, the author in Webmaster network BBS when moderator for some time, every day see many webmaster hair, of course, many posts with web site link. Moderators all know webmaster is not easy, send a post with a link, attract spiders, this is the necessary way of website promotion. Just some stationmaster is more clever, promotion means is effective, the purpose that achieves promotion truly, and some stationmaster lack intelligence of this respect. Here, from the point of view of webmaster, website promotion forum, promotion methods.

1 Forum promotion, send links to

must not overdo sth.

in the forum, often see a lot of water paste, AD paste, the post itself not what value, one or two words of the content, or casually say a wide of the mark, also with a lot of links, this post is the moderator was disgusted, eventually only your life brought. BBS promotion, send URL link must be moderate. Look at those webmaster website article, which is the same site with more than one link? The same URL in the number of level does not mean that the probability of this website is to remember more, does not mean that the spider included faster, but it means that lead the readers and moderator antipathy a thankless task. Hope that in the forum to promote the webmaster who learn from, BBS promotion, a web site links than ten same URL link is more safe, also effective.

2 do a lot of reading and posting,

in the forum often see many webmaster’s reply is very simple, "one" and "support!", "good, very good"…… A response like this is not AD, but it’s not worth it. Often reply to these content of ID is easy to think that the host is posting machine in operation, serious will seal ID. Since they are replies, why not sincere, serious reply? Attentively read an article, calm down and hit a few words, attention must be directed back to the subject line

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