Tingyuxuan on experience included Google HOME home effect

today is the tingyuxuan site running for 90 days day, three months to do the station of life, learned a lot. But tingyuxuan now is a garbage station, because this is the first station I do, I think the first station every webmaster are not very successful, say, the first is our fundamental for us to do the test. Life is a journey, not a destination, care about is the extension way scenery and the mood, do stand also is so, first we need not be too concerned about whether it is successful, the key is you learn in this station there is no starting point.

see, now many forums are popular, HOME home page instead of BBS home page, here I want to say is, this kind of method is not advisable, seriously affect Google included. First talk about what is HOME home page, simply put, is to use only a blank frame template HTML page instead of the forum, and then adding all call forum in each frame template, the Forum opened looks like regular site appearance, many novice do BBS are very love to get these tricks.


said it will affect your search engine!!! Because few articles such calls will only allow search engines to crawl your site a simple call, can not let the other search engines a deeper grasp of the forum.

you may say to update every day, every day to grab included, that is not the same? If you think it is wrong, the article does not believe the words of your site included previously deleted, so a period of time to search engines look also can not find this article sure, can not find, because the search engine every day to climb up your home and couldn’t climb to the article traces will temporarily put the article has been included to recover is not put out, if sustained for a period of time still can not find the article, so the article included will be completely from the search engine removed.

said you may also join the forum each section in the inside page links, so that the spider will climb to the forum that, oh, you are so self comfort go, specifically what I don’t know, anyway, I tried to do so, no use, unless you really can in this page add links to everything, including the forum of all things, but if you have the energy to do something not directly "well, also to do what to do is not for the forum, the forum is simple and easy to use

!The test results under the

rain Xuan in mid August put a home after that, at best is to test here, actually at that time I did not know how to do this will affect included. In mid August my website Google included has more than 1200, on the second day after the home lost more than 100 included, in the next days, in this case, Google snapshot update is normal, daily published articles included is normal, but included the number is 1000-900-800-> mad!

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