Why has the group’s valuation declined The advantage is no longer, enemies everywhere, burn the blam

Abstract: it is undeniable that the United States in 2012 in the field of film, in 2013 in the hotel sector, in 2014, in the field of takeaway, have achieved good results. But now, multi line, and blindly burn the war constantly on the run and beauty group, has become increasingly powerless, also had the inevitable decline in valuation.


July, the United States round of E round of financing $1 billion, valued at $150 in news of the United states. However, within a short span of two months, the United States mission has been lowered for two consecutive times. At present, the U.S. group valued at about 10 billion U. S. dollars. Has boasted that the domestic O2O first group, China Internet fourth class mission, why the decline in the value of


buy business advantages no longer

in Baidu Nuomi and public comment before and after the attack, in the first half of this year, the United States Mission started and based on the group buying business, the actual growth rate of only 138%, the growth rate is lower than Baidu Nuomi and public comment.

also serves as the most mature business in the field of O2O services for local life, and there is little difference in the competition rank between groups. Although the group still holds the position of "buy boss", but its market share already appeared fatigued situation, market share drops apparently.

on the one hand, Baidu acquisition of glutinous rice, the Tencent invested public comment, group purchase industry in the second and third have found the "father" and "Godfather", immediately launched an attack on the u.s.. From 2013 to 2014, Baidu Nuomi’s market share rose from 7% to 11%, and public comment rose from 19% to 23%. In contrast, the U.S. group, its market share is still hovering at the original 50%, which is actually a decline of.

on the other hand, the United States regiment of three or four line city positions have been eroded. The United States Mission in the three or four line of the city 30% high margin cooperation, let Baidu Nuomi and public comment to the United States "; at the same time the exclusive cooperation" provisions of the king, "low" killer, 15 day credit period, poor user experience bad behavior, so that competitors have criticized according to. Especially after the "Chiba barbecue collapse" incident, the United States group regardless of the interests of businesses and users operating model more exposed.

face Baidu Nuomi, public comment on the initiative, the United States team several times back did not work. In the incremental can not break, the stock was eaten, the fate of the U.S. Group buy business destined to grief reminders.

The vertical field of

with the enemyIn addition to

positive group purchase battlefield is public comment, glutinous rice chasing play outside, mission takeaway, hotels, movie and other vertical areas also encounter enemies.

takeaway areas, the U.S. team opponents are hungry?. Hungry is a start-up companies, but already in takeaway areas fought more than 7 years, especially since last year with the public comment, the Jingdong, Tencent capital and resources blessing, hungry competitive advantages, has secured takeaway market leader.

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