Three major U.S. host comparison

this article mainly carries on the simple contrast to three American hosts Godaddy, hostmonster, Lunarpages, hoping to have some reference value to the friend who wants to buy the American host computer.

first, let’s talk about the benefits of American hosts:

one, without filing. Although now the filing system in 2007 that improved a lot for the waiting period is not previously so long, but you can ensure that your site will be through the record? Sometimes they worked hard for months to set up the site, taking a sentence: there is no record of your website! Turn off.

two, big space. The United States host unlike domestic space business so stingy, frequently is 100 G, a website is not so much, but if you want to build a website to buy space eliminates the trouble, now generally support the foreign host unlimited websites, endless can nachulaimai flat-share, to buy their own host take the easy money back.

three, to solve the domestic two line visits slow problem, foreign trade special-purpose. Telecom Netcom visits slow, and host the United States do not have such a problem, do the global market, choose the virtual host speed is guaranteed, and the host in the global access faster, quickly in europe. The site opens for a second more than competitors, and maybe you grab the deal.

of course, benefits more than these, here is not.

1, official program and price

GoDaddy provides three hosting scenarios:

Economy Plan: 12 months: 10G

size of $3.79 a month

Deluxe Plan: 12 months: 150G

$6.64 a month

Premium Plan: 12 months: 300G

$14.24 a monthThere is only one solution for the

Hostmonster virtual host:

unlimited space unlimited traffic, buy $7.95 a month / month


basic program Linux host 1500G purchase for one year $7.95/ month

win host 5000M purchase for one year $9.95/ month

Godaddy: comprehensive evaluation of each scheme can host win/linux host optional, more convenient and cheaper win host; hostmonster does not provide win host program; Lunarpages win host space is relatively small and the price is more expensive. Space size and flow >

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