Within two months, ‘ve built a network experience at the P1 million QQ station!

, my online career, and fondly remembers my two months to build the 10 thousand IP QQ station,

first review the history, contact the network in August 2001, that is, the first day of the entrance exam, the students belt, I and the dormitory with several other students came to the Internet bar. I’ve never touched a computer before. I don’t know what the Internet is. I don’t know anything about the computer operation. I don’t even know how to turn on the computer. I remember we were surrounded by four or five students around a computer. Look at Professor Lin, sit in the middle and explain the operation. The other people in the Internet bar looked at us like monsters. Lin contacts computers relatively early. Often say in front of us hacker what, what overflow can invade, and so on. And he was chatting online, soaking up a little sister in Guangzhou. So Lin is the best player in our mind. On the first day of the entrance examination, we asked him to take us to the Internet cafe. After watching the forest operation for some time. Each of us asked for a computer. But I can’t handle it. Because the heart has no concept at all. I looked at Lin. sometimes I double click the mouse. Sometimes click the mouse. Just don’t know when to double-click, when to click and open the IE window, also do not understand, to close. And he said also so I see things in disorderly fashion, severely disorderly point 1. Open countless windows and cause crashes. I remember when Lin entered a chat room. Blue sea silver sand chat room, his little sister is in the chat room to soak. So I have to go in. You can’t type when you enter the chat room. I have to play english. And I don’t know much english. Make a mess of. Feeling out of touch, out of the chat room. The second contact with the computer is to check the results of the college entrance examination. I ran to the Internet cafe by myself. Shouted for the network administrator to turn on the computer. Only a moment later found out. Other people open their own computers. Blush… I feel like I’m out of fashion. Called the network management to help find out the results of the college entrance examination, hurriedly left the Internet bar. Fraction。。 Undergraduate, professional financial management.

entered the University and went to the Internet cafe at the school gate. Of course, the blue sea silver sand chat. My classmate says I’m OUT. Also on the chat room. Chatting on QQ is fun. Then I know, and QQ. Now the number is given to the students. Not until the first semester of sophomore year did I buy a computer. And schools have broadband, too. From now on, class will be on the internet. Day after day. Day after day. Nightly. I never play online games. I just surf the Internet, watch movies, listen to music, and then I’m hooked on hackers. Feeling like being a hacker is the most important thing. So I ran to the school library every day to look for books for hackers. There were quite a few hackers in the library at that time. But there are fewer people to look at. So I picked it up. Every time I borrow it, it’s full. Move back to your dorm. Then look around for tutorials online. The most popular hacker site at that time was 3800cc.com, who later went to hack58.com. As online and Book tutorials begin to invade. Scan vulnerabilities everywhere. Remember a period of time, ADSL router default password vulnerability, every day sweep. Sweep to charge qq COINS "

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