Thinking about websites not being collected by Baidu

half a month ago, I built a new station to station literature, the date of every day in Baidu, Google and other search engines in, but once again let me down, time past half a month, according to my previous experience site, Baidu is new on top degree which is three days to seven days, no more than a week, but this is not the same, which makes me very panic, scratching during solution, so the Internet to find information, inadvertently found this SEO article, I really hate SEO especially those so-called master SEO don’t talk, also read a lot of articles that are similar but SEO, this article written in very real feeling around for everyone to see!

, as a qualified SEO engineer, is one of the skills that must be mastered to understand the latest trends in search engines. Recently, Baidu website requirements and recognition of the more stringent, and analyzed the current situation in the hands of several sites, summed up mainly in the following aspects.

a, new station included time extended. After the establishment of a new station, Baidu spider first grab web content, but not directly into the normal ranking of the database site, but first stored in the cache inside. Then watch for a period of time, mainly to check whether the content of the website is original, whether to continue to update. If Baidu is recognized, put out the new station will be about 8-20 days or so, but generally only included a home page, to add original content, Baidu will go to other pages included sites in the next period of time.

two, new sites in the short term it is difficult to obtain good rankings. 07 years before October, Baidu treatment of new sites attitude is very good, as long as your web site content is good, keyword arrangement reasonable, have a certain amount of foreign company, then will soon have a good ranking. But now the situation is entirely the opposite, for new sites inspection time is extended. For a new station, the level of competition in general keywords, to achieve good rankings, at least two to three months or even longer. In the early days, you will find that your website ranks quickly, but it does not last long (about a week) and will soon fall back when it is updated next time.

three, Baidu has been included in the old site to clean up. This period of time, I have some of the hands of the site, have been plucked or K off the home page phenomenon, a closer examination, and did not find any problems. What’s more, those websites include a large amount of data, but the content is basically a simple modification of the content of head. The actual content of the article has not been modified. At that time, the status of the collection is good, but now it has been plucked out, I guess Baidu is in the old site for centralized cleaning.

four, treat CN domain name website attitude is changing. There was a lot of noise before, and it was said that Baidu discriminated against the CN domain name. Many webmaster feel very unhappy

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