Talk about my website was quickly collected by Baidu experience

I published a first release last time. My kung fu nets mentioned above are successful in a day. SEO at random, let us see the website’s collection. Get up in the morning, just 3 days, a few hours, Baidu included me, I was 25 site, and we do not believe that you can enter the above domain name check. Here, I have to suspect that those who previously called online filing difficult, difficult to collect comrades who do?.

1. in Baidu and major search engines have submitted a web site, I do not know if there is no effect, it should still have some effect.

2. creates Baidu space. I created 3 spaces and posted only a few lines. In general, the creation of Baidu space in general can be included in a few days. New sites can create a web site related to their own Baidu space, and then add some articles in space, and attached to their web site. At the same time, in the Baidu space links also add their web site. Baidu included in the space at the same time will link to find your new station. Through this step, probably a week or so can be included in Baidu. Of course, if you think the construction of space trouble, you can also go to the Baidu home space ( to find some recommendation space, in their space messages and links, you can also speed up included.

3., Baidu know post replies. I rely on this, and now Baidu traffic is the first day of the day, the 10 IP, second days, 69 IP, third days, that is, today has more than 50. Baidu know column in Baidu search in the weight is very high, in Baidu know the program can also speed up the post post included. Can be used to answer the mode of his answer set to answer in the answer of "source" added to their new link. If you think Baidu know ourselves from a lot of trouble easily blocked, you know "in some of the latest Baidu did not solve the problem of answering a question and add your link. Baidu will also frequent searches for these new problems.

4. Baidu encyclopedia to create new entries. I submitted a lot of related entries, should be Baidu background will be aware of, although not included, Baidu encyclopedia column in Baidu search weight with Baidu know column almost. You can create a new word that is similar to the topic of a new station, and then write the website and link address in the data source. This effect is the same as Baidu’s answer.

5. hair soft links. I’ve already sent 3 copies on ADMIN5. Send a soft text, and then posted to webmaster nets and other well-known websites, this is a lot of new station webmaster preferred method. In fact, this method is not as fast as the list of several methods included. After all, the 4 method is to recommend new sites in Baidu’s own products. This is like two children, one is their own hands, and the other is someone else’s home, you say that parents will take care of who is a little bit more?

7. opens blog, and I haven’t done it yet, but I’m ready to do it, to be famous

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