Re understanding of web color, new technology and new design

excellent web design will always impress users, an excellent web page, and excellent color matching. Now the times are different, and the definition of colors has also become personalized and diversified. However, the use of color plays a key role in web design, and successful websites often use successful color matching.

everyone has his own understanding of color, and some people think that the blue color of the site is clean, and the green color of the site is full of vitality, while red is festive. Therefore, we must re – understand the color of web pages objectively, and have new web design in new technology.

has a lot of appreciation and practice before designing web pages. The color itself represents the emotion and its connotation, in the psychology can give the user the understanding from the sense organ to the thought, must look for the homepage color matching search law in the connoisseurship, must not defeat in the theory color.

main colors are the center of a page. Whether you’re doing a single page or making a full site color match, you have to define the main colors first. The main colors can be one, or two, or more, but too much of the main color only leaves the page without a dominant color. We come into contact as a main tone, we see in a few years ago is all kinds of colors, describe "is very fragmentary, for example, the flower is red, the grass is green, the demarcation line is blue, the background is grey…… And now, under the new technology of color design, we must first determine the main colors of the design object, below we open according to elaborate some examples.

, let’s take a look at the picture. We can see clearly that the whole page is centered in blue. If you want to elaborate, that is, mainly in blue, different depths of the match. The lightest is blue, and the deepest is dark blue, which is close to black. The whole picture of the virtual combination, the sense of space is very good, giving people the first feeling is the atmosphere.

, this page gives me the first impression of elegance. The source of elegance is the main color of the page, that is, brown. This brown RGB code for #66453C, plus Brown for white, gray, red, and water dilution effect, the picture of harmony and unity, there is an antique charm.


two examples of this, many people began to ask me if you have other colors in a web page using a main color and not to worry and worry about the imbalance of collocation, so, we should first clear the main color, follow the master-slave relationship. For example, red, yellow and green are three colors needed for web design. If you take red as the main color, you can use the yellow as the auxiliary color around the red, and the green as the color of the dressing". The so-called seasoning color is the color of the set out of small details, such as a green, from there are a few pink flowers, pink flowers is seasoning color. In doing so, the personalization of the illustrations is very strong and will make the whole page interactive.


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