Content strategy Enterprise Station retain traffic another magic weapon

said the operation strategy of enterprises, many optimization staff will only do the chain, do rankings, but with the traditional enterprise station website is not the same, it does not care too much about how the keywords ranking, it is about how many really came to your site traffic, and eventually left how much. Enterprises can not blindly use the data to speak, high ranking does not mean that traffic is good, then in the day-to-day operations, how to optimize the flow of traffic control personnel, to enhance their access depth,


perhaps we will say that the enterprise itself is relatively strong station, want to let users access more difficult, there is no way to start. In fact, this is not right, because to do business, we pay attention to the accuracy of the flow itself, since you came to your website, then it is interested in the product itself. As for how to really leave these traffic, the content strategy of the enterprise station may help us. Take different responsibilities for different content, operating for a period of time, you will find that the essence of enterprise station is content related display.

one, instant content: establish prestige. The so-called instant content is the optimization personnel will present some important things in the industry to present, to facilitate visitors to understand the current industry situation. At the same time enhance the user experience, let the other side feel our professional, feel that we are always concerned about the development of the industry, and therefore adopt different development strategies. To know the same hot events, the first reports and second reports the gap between how much for their own example, last week launched a Qingdao game industry exchange, will be on display at the newly launched market game and hired local industry Daniel experiences, I think this must be caused a great sensation in the industry at the time, so they quickly edit content and published on the website, on the same day was collected and the flow effect is very ideal. More keywords, because I was the first to report on this website, it is clear that I am more confident of the industry’s control over other people, WeChat is naturally built up.

second, persistent content: stable flow. Of course, the industry does not happen every big news, in the absence of hot spots can be written, as operators of us, but also to ensure that the content of the continuous supplement. The domestic and foreign sales to write some products, the current industry development prospects, problems, and even some edge news about products can be updated regularly, relevant content on a fixed plate, not for additional traffic, but in order to let the user know that your site every day there will be fresh articles they concern themselves. For example, I will experience the article added on the website tips for computer assembly and some related product authenticity, in my opinion, these contents are a basic living needs of our enterprises and reasonable grasp, from the perspective of content included, time is long, the ranking compared to better bring traffic is immeasurable.

third, program type content >