Facing the fierce competition of Web site operators have to also need to know


there is an old saying: Zhiyizhibi, before being victorious. The same face, now a fierce website operation, whether personal site or large site, want to let their website long-term normal operation, forever. Of course, the need to make the site forever, just thinking in the brain is useless, the key lies in the implementation of the implementation. At the same time also need attention of your opponent, do known he know, can let you win in the competition to add more points to grasp. For web site operators, personally think that success is always concerned about the opponent’s dynamic, everything is possible or is a panoramic view of the impending changes, but also need to understand their competitors do, so that we can smoothly under the condition of rapid success. However, for the current personal Adsense, want to successfully run the website, the need is no longer simply adhere to and adhere to. On the basis of persistence, we should add one more item, that is, to find out our own strength and find out the strength of our opponents. If we want to Sina, NetEase, such as the site as an opponent, then it is undoubtedly in the egg bones, idle, nothing to do. Web site operators also need to do have itself, so as to make you steadily in the rain.

as in the military war, even if you have a few pounds do not know, that go out with others is a dead end. In do not know their own battle force under the condition of strong direct out with others on the war, what is that is suicide? In the same web site operators also need to do have detailed status to understand their own website, but also need to know where their strengths, where problem. Make the best use of the advantages to make up for your deficiencies so as to maximize the effect. The success of the website requires not only a great deal of perseverance, but also a need to know where you are and where you can make the best of your strengths to achieve your ultimate success. As the saying goes, there is no reason for success without fail. Success comes not only from opportunities, but from the ability to understand yourself. For example, when you are looking for a job and when you know what you are good at and what skills you have, then you’ll have a chance to succeed if you just look for the right profession. Similarly, in the SEO optimization, if you are good at station optimization, then you can optimize the station as the site optimization of all, the station optimization to achieve perfection, so that no one can, and the user satisfaction. You can also enjoy the magic of success. No man is perfect, the first element of success is to know how much their fighting force, like the troops in war, even his army how many troops, combat power to the morale, do not understand how to directly pull out the fire, it is definitely losing it, after all, most avoid in the military is playing no grasp fight! The same website, why so many owners choose to give up, choose the left, most of them love is expected to open days, but do not know their own strength, to see others do keywords thousands of traffic, a few days can get good rankings, they also follow. Even own strength >

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