Aunt it a APP how to capture 60 million women’s heart

"if Wang Feng and Nicky Wu came to the big aunt at the same time, who would be more prone to dysmenorrhea?"

"of course is Wang Feng! Because he often wear tight pants!"

Singles Day is coming, and "big aunt" is burning.

, a popular science animation called "aunt came here", was quickly launched on the Internet as soon as it was launched. As of press time, the total amount of total video playback network is about to break 30 million times.

this girl around the "big aunt" issues of female physiology health science animation, with no funny sell adorable integrity style, being touted in the girls in the circle, and even become a single chase the goddess "must see god". As the micro video behind the scenes, the management of APP "aunt" again become the focus of attention of Internet start-ups.

just last month, aunt APP registered users broke through 60 million people, becoming the Internet’s veritable "daughter country."". In a red sea Internet world, how did a APP capture 60 million women’s hearts successfully?



name is the first productivity

In traditional

business, the channel is often referred to as the primary productivity. This is because, in the era of extremely asymmetric information, how many channels directly determine the product and user contact probability of the size of the brand and product exposure subject to channels.

in the mobile Internet era, the channel barrier is broken, the cost of consumer access to information is almost 0. Under such circumstances, the name becomes the foothold of brand communication, and is the starting point of marketing power into productivity. A good name should not only boo head full, more should be combined with the brand positioning, this point, "aunt" is very clever.

"aunt" is a common name for the female menstruation, and "aunt Kitty," as the female menstrual management tools, make people relaxed a breakthrough product function.

talks about the reasons for the name of "aunt," the founder of Chai can say: "the former woman dare not talk about the physiological cycle, do not face the physiological cycle.". "Today, we are going to let girls dare to discuss menstruation in public, and don’t be embarrassed when you use the napkin," said

2012, aunt on the first line of the week, in the absence of any promotion case, won the apple App Store official recommendation. It must be said that the precise combination of name and location played a big role.

but a good name can only attract the eye of the younger sister’s paper, and the good products can keep the heart of the younger sister’s paper.


seize the user

"aunt?" entrepreneurial, not the beginning of success. In the creation of the aunt before, Chai once tried 8 consecutive business projects, but had failed. But it is precisely because of the first eight trial and error and exploration, so that Chai can be linked to the Internet

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