How to create unpopular keywords, and then speculation

we created the keyword, and it’s the only one on the network. The only explanation on the Internet is that no one on the network is interested and nobody searches. If we want to use these keywords to achieve high traffic, then you have to fudge a lot of people to search these keywords, to achieve our high flow.

, let’s give you an example. A friend at the station is selling the station, someone let him publicly counter, his station traffic is to use some traffic skills to get traffic. But his station was collected, and search his station name, indeed also ranked first, buyers see, I rely on, really fierce, are search engine traffic, this flow, that must be very stable.

why would you search here? Because of the curiosity of others. In other words, let others take the initiative to search our keyword, you must mention other people’s curiosity.

1, why should we add keywords to the article and send it to a large forum,


because of the huge traffic in the large forums, we want to borrow these traffic, so we decided to make use of the traffic.

2, why should others search us in the article keywords,


because when we describe the name of the person in the article, the description is very tempting, let others just want to search, because too curious.

3, why don’t you just add the URL or the name of the site?

because if it is added, then the administrator will delete it for you. If you don’t add it, the administrator will not only delete it for you, but also someone may reprint the article you adapted. So, how can people be interested in the names of people in the article,


let me give you an example.

, 1 Ma and understand the cooperation, can not be said to be a pattern of network industry changes, as the two most influential person on the Internet this together, may make a thorough separation into monopoly form.

today’s network spread the founding of Liu and song * * British incident, so that the network giant had to make a public statement.

if you see the two paragraph above, will you search for names? The answer is probably yes.

a day to bring you the traffic is tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, not to mention that this is only a keyword only, this kind is must meet a condition, that is, with celebrities. This is a condition that can be independent and can be used in conjunction with several subsequent conditions.

2, recently circulated on the Internet the beauty beauty event toilet hero, who understand the statement, she said, after he came back from the United States, and Jackie Chan have been busy rehearsing, simply haven’t been to Beijing, I might have been shot in Beijing.

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