How to write a successful network promotion soft Wen

Pascale said, "man is a reed that can think.". This coincides with the Confucian idea of "people first", highlighting the value and value of man. So it is soft Wen creation, need to cut the core product from people’s mode of thinking, value the invisible release products, and to promote the effectiveness of marketing. This is in fact need writers before the write insight into the essence of the product, clear this soft Wen value for value calculation of good ways to release these points in order to achieve their own value, to achieve the purpose of promotion. This, it is a successful network promotion, soft Wen value lies, also is its soul.

created a successful network to promote soft text, just like a novelist who has a soul. However, it is not enough to have the soul of the characters, but also to have a body of their own. In the soft writing, the article is the body of the soft content itself, this involves soft writing a few skills.

one, make a low-key planning title party

said here, "title party" does not refer to the network to improve the hit rate of the majority of users and malicious deception "title party", but to have themselves become willing to read the formal title race. As the saying goes, a good question is half done. A good title for this article eyes, can play the magic touch. Here are some tips on how to make good headlines:

– so set suspense

, like the suspense movie, set up a bureau at the beginning, so that people could not help step by step into the Bureau for this bureau until they found out the truth. "Such as" children’s "hundred years", seemingly contradictory: which have a hundred years old "child"? To read text, just enlightened: the original Hubei Province Experimental Kindergarten ushered in the centenary.

– watch the theme "


and the suspense on the contrary, some titles at the outset, the point, the author what love, hate what, what support, against what, at a glance.. "Let the stone drift up to speed the development of enlightenment" metaphor for stone throwing dashuipiao. This popular metaphor contains a profound philosophy: without development, eliminated, slow development will sink".

– make good use of personification

"Zhushan" Pakistan for cattle Yun repair spectrum ", with Yu cattle, to the" repair spectrum "to avoid inbreeding coefficient, prevent the degradation of seed. "Hankou hundred years waterworks" for "heart", saying that the factory out of extended service equipment, so that its heart alive. The heart is active and the body is alive. It increases the quantity of water supply and improves the quality of water supply.

There are many ways to make

a good title, interested can refer to the works of "Tan roots Internet marketing headline writing skills" nine seven principles, understand the creation good title principle and related skills.

two, with the big head son said "NO"

good soft text, >

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