How to operate from the media, hundreds of only chat experience!

Hello, I am an old media source, since 13 years from the media, from independent blog, to QQ space, and then to the WeChat public number. 14 years, slowly began to do other self media platform. There are dozens of registered media platforms. Mainstream, you can say I have number. However, no matter from the media platform, never like a hundred so that the author feel speechless. From July issued a document to now, hundreds of numbers also regarded as operating for more than three months, but also have the right to talk about their views.

, this is my self media backstage screenshot,


1. account audit problem

for the first time in July 2016 registered 100, June when I wrote a new "Baidu 100 self media platform, Baidu advertising + advertising", when in June July when the application, through the audit. It can be said that this is I in many from the media platform, the registration review time is the longest platform. But the audit, is always a word: your location and platform does not dare to say what is not true? The name does not match? Is a personal signature does not match the field? Or not? More than two words can be exhausted??? Send a note for official documents can improve? Through the registration rate there are so many disadvantages?


2. customer service communication issues

hundred homes in September 28th said that the open income function, the pre earnings are also normal. Recently, however, earnings have shown a downward trend. Each time the feedback, the official each time to give a sentence explanation: with what effective reading quantity, the article quality related. So many from the media platform inside, there is only one number with Baidu post bar to communicate with the author. Really drunk! Leave the mailbox, never reply to you! You say you can solve the problem in time with Baidu Post Bar also line ah, posts are fast day, customer service? Other media platform, WeChat mail, micro-blog, and other public platforms can feedback, 100 a number of customer service? Just a Post Bar?


3. issue number

my account was suddenly changed from 5 posts to 1 in October 1st. Suddenly, suddenly, without a sign. The official didn’t even explain the announcement. Directly from 5 to one, but also did not see what the official upgrade instructions, what downgrade instructions. It was a very self willed one that suddenly turned into a one, and it wasn’t just me. Many accounts were relegated from one downgrade to another in October. No official response was seen.

4. earnings issues

is very headstrong, down, you have no time to respond. I’m on other platforms are high and low, but the average price is fixed. Less income because of their small amount of reading, this is nothing to complain about. In the hundreds, tens of thousands of reading is not as good as the amount of reading in October

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