After 90 site to make money, starting from the non mainstream

Baidu, the non mainstream, the index reached more than 20 thousand, non mainstream pictures, Baidu index was 40 thousand, can be seen non mainstream word of the popularity of the degree. Although the mainstream is a wide social phenomenon, but by the number of 80 90 especially the Blitz, we put the mainstream as a kind of fashion to pursue, non mainstream not only represents the non mainstream decadent and confused, have their own faith and worship, on behalf of the non mainstream personality and freedom.

is currently the mainstream in Chinese has been popular for 5 years, with 00 of the population after growing up, non mainstream crowd of similar will be the emergence of a large number of these non mainstream groups after several years of development tends to eventually become mainstream.

is currently in China’s grassroots webmaster community, non mainstream and QQ class website is very large number, according to the author analysis, there should be more than 50 thousand. Many novice webmaster just began to learn to do web site, chose the non mainstream, QQ class website to do, investigate its reason, mainly is this kind of Web site has easy to use, simple operation, quick money and so on.

loves, saying that non mainstream web sites have the following advantages:

a non mainstream QQ website, the production process is simple,

at present, many after 90 want to make money through the network, but do not know how to build technology, do not know how to start, choose QQ non mainstream category of Web site, in fact, is a good entrance. You only need to buy a domain name and space, and then find some programs (the most popular is the dedecms program) and the template, the program is uploaded to the space, and then modify the good template, add some data, even if a website to build on the success of the whole process cost down only 1-200 hundred dollars can fix of course, if you take the trouble in the A5 forum website trading area, there are a lot of the old owners in the sale of some non mainstream sites, you only need to buy over the continuous maintenance of the website and promotion, can make money, need to pay attention to one thing is to buy the site must A5 through the intermediary, they on the website of the price the market is also very familiar with, through the intermediary transactions are not deceived.

two non mainstream sites easy to do traffic

due to non mainstream groups and users of QQ (very large Tencent QQ users online at the same time, more than 100 million people), and the number of this group is on the rise, so the potential users of non mainstream sites very much, of course, the flow is easy to do. Webmaster can choose a subdivision, such as non mainstream picture, non mainstream character signature, net net, net of non mainstream non mainstream QQ picture and so on, these words are tens of thousands of Baidu index, because the website is not as fiction, music and video website copyright disputes, Baidu has given this kind of website of course, care, competition is more intense, to do so would have to continue to study site optimization and user experience, if you do well, one day to create tens of thousands of IP is no problem.


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