Entertainment websites business plan

1. Site positioning

for Internet users: providing fun information, fun, interactive community,

to play business: provide network platform, promotion, fun service.

fun project category:

1. interest type (depth participation, interaction):

Sports: badminton, table tennis, tennis, bowling, golf, swimming, yoga, Pilates, ice skating, squash, billiards, taekwondo, martial arts, fencing, dance, fitness……

outdoor limits: skiing, fishing, mountain climbing, horseback riding, hunting, cross-country……..

culture and Art: flower arranging, DIY, embroidery, photography, ceramics, calligraphy, dance, tea ceremony, musical instruments, concerts, plays, movies…

2. Entertainment (interest attributes, passive acceptance services)

bowling, billiards, real CS, radium war, bar, disco, karaoke, Internet cafes, game rooms, foot bath, massage…..

3. life type (passive acceptance)


our website is located in the interest type project. When we reach a certain stage, we may consider entering the necessary items of leisure, entertainment and life. We can develop it ourselves and cooperate with related websites. In addition, you can consider tourism and other sites to develop tourism and other channels. Provide a full range of entertainment consulting and community services.

fun fun project features:

1. local. Look for information online, and go down to the venue to receive service.

2. hobby properties. These projects are easy to gather popularity and form communities.

online marketing status of such businesses:

1., a few have their own independent website, but the lack of network marketing knowledge, the site is just a sign, unable to bring more customers through the network.

Internet applications:

and such businesses related sites: the project professional website forum (local, national), local consumer websites, local portals, portals related channels

is most closely related to the local consumer Web site, which is targeted at local communities and information stations that live on consumer Web sites, and are well positioned to include all consumer information. Word of mouth, public comment, eight quit, I love discounts, and so on.

our location:

1. local fun information network.

because of the local nature of these businesses, the fun information is also geographically classified.

positioning in the play information, belong to a part of life consumption, we will play information in this profession

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