Make the website daily traffic more than ten thousand successful experience

my website was launched earlier this year. This is less than a year’s operating time, a lot of hard work, experience has accumulated a lot. From the beginning of the station site several traffic every day to dozens of hundreds of thousands of traffic flow, to now, when the highest break through 12930 flow. Today, I am not going to talk about the flow from low to high, and I want to share my experience of breaking through 12930 with you here. Of course, within ten days of this peak, the daily flow is maintained at more than 8000. But now it’s down again, because I’ve been so busy lately that I don’t have time for serious management.

I have a friend who is a veteran journalist who has a high sensitivity to news. One day I chat with him, I just mentioned the website one day only dozens of traffic, very headache, want him to give me some dirt. So there is the next thing.

one day he and his friends playing outside the star, don’t say is who, after his friend agreed to take a series of photographs, and then sent to me, because the star also need publicity, so we use each other.

get the photos, I feel very hard, but do not know how to write, so let him help one to the end of writing articles, he was a master, only spent less than an hour, wrote a more than 1000 word long puliao release. To get pictures and exposure draft, I am very worried that this content can not give me much of the site after the flow, he let me do not worry, just post, he said he had their own arrangements. After I posted the post, because it is high-quality original article, only two minutes, Baidu included. Start searching for that star’s traffic slowly coming in, but not high, an hour with only 5 traffic. It seemed that things were going badly. I told him what I thought. He said, "you can see it tomorrow, but it certainly doesn’t work today."."

second days, I have not got up, we were a webmaster on the phone to wake up the phone, he said: "quickly open the site to see, membership soared, the amount of injection has also soared, it’s terrible."." I hastened to open the computer, look at the statistics, traffic has more than 3000, and each refresh time, increase dozens of.

I called my friend. He said he had expected it. It was normal. It turned out that he was in his star friend speculation speculation, the star received tens of thousands of blocks, and I here is only a platform for his exposure. He said he used to cooperate with the Tianya, posting on the horizon, the flow of the world is also rapidly rising. So my result was in his expectation. It’s an old hand.

so how did he make our website flow faster,


probably as follows:

1, find the dirt.

2, write exposure draft.

3, release exposure material paste.

4, the exposure posted URL to reporters.

5, notes >

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