Campus operations live open class how to achieve transformation, revenue

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, we were going to open a successful live open class. We must make sure four points in advance: goal, content, user orientation and process design. Which goals are 2 very popular, one is the registration transformation that is simple, I how to translate the maximum I bought into my school student flow, another is certainly the revenue. Of course, user activity is equally important.

70% registered conversion rate is so reached

in register transformation, we must not break away from the whole school conversion funnel.

visitor / evaluation / registration / active / retention / pay / share / reputation

online education industry and the electricity supplier industry has very big difference, the user the opportunity (failure) of high cost, so the decision cost is very high, the students (or parents) before enrolling in learning (not to the consumer this link) will begin assessment, which is the online education website from the start registration conversion than some other reasons the product is difficult to do.

was 14 years, our school registered natural conversion rate is only about 15%. Although the industry is not the same, but want even today in 2016, most of the school registration conversion rate should not be too high.

to achieve higher registration conversion rate, we need to make efforts from the following aspects:

traffic accuracy – this is also a necessary condition for cost control

value – content has enough value to attract users

landing page – beautiful, eye-catching, and better user experience, all in order to facilitate the registration of users

controls traffic accuracy, which means controlling costs,

, my site has 1000 target visitors per day, with 8000 target users, which is clearly a world of difference between ten thousand. But many of our school is really doing this seems less reliable.

traffic accuracy, through more accurate (or meticulous) user portrait, fine traffic flow channels to control the use of two aspects.

‘s more accurate user profile helps us more clearly identify where our target users (especially toll users) are What might attract him to our website? What can attract him to sign up for? What are the things that make him more willing to pay on our website, let him learn constantly, let him on our website and teachers have more sense of identity, let him to recommend our site and course or a teacher to his friends?

, and the use of every traffic channel requires time and wisdom to polish it.

said that the search channels, keyword selection, creative copywriting design, landing page selection and design, promotion plan transformation, effect monitoring, there are many fine

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