How do the QVOD and GVOD movie owners choose

as a movie station, QVOD should be All the world knows.. According to statistics, support for QVOD broadcast movie websites have tens of thousands, QVOD official website shows that QVOD player has downloaded more than 400 million times. It should be said that there is a certain market share.

recently thunder also launched GVOD products, see the introduction, basic functions and QVOD almost. Previously only QVOD, and now with the GVOD, with a choice, and some of the webmaster hesitated, confused, in the end is QVOD good, or GVOD good, in the end is to use QVOD site, or use GVOD,


not afraid, afraid of goods than goods. Below I stand in a webmaster’s angle, from the software technology support, the movie resource quality, the website user experience three aspects to comprehensively compare, analyze QVOD and GVOD, give the related stationmaster a reference.

1, software technology:

1, movie release server. Server software, the most important thing is to be stable, full-featured. This point, the two software is doing very well. Another is the performance requirements of the server, the two software requirements are not high, hard disk larger point on it. Then is the demand for broadband, GVOD under the banner of "completely occupied the download server bandwidth" slogan, but the actual data of GVOD resource station (100M to 65M broadband server upload) proved that is a lie, then the GVOD forum administrator reply: "death is obviously less than 100M bandwidth without resource station and do other webmasters will not rest assured this resource". I’m not saying that GVOD needs big broadband, but I just think GVOD’s slogan is cheating the webmaster.

In the

server software, two software can be said to be well matched.

2, player side. Both have web pages, and both need to download and install special playback software. The QVOD player also supports local playback, or plays network video in a local player. This will be analyzed in the "web user experience".

3, customer service, technical support. This will have to QVOD, and QVOD customer service technical support to do really in place, the webmaster has any problems, as long as the response in the forum, there will be a dedicated customer service staff to help remote debugging. One thing the joke is: a GVOD movie station encountered technical problems, the thunder GVOD forum response, thunder forum administrator let the webmaster left QQ contact, guess what? The thunder GVOD has no reaction, but the customer service second days QVOD and the head of the QQ. We can see a lot of things from this……

two, movie resource quality:

do personal movie station, 90% are without their own resources, are relying on the collection of resources Station

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