Founder of Roseonly three rules for the sale of fans!


every day: " Dad, this Christmas, where are we going? "Zhang Liang:" this Christmas, dad to take you, do Roseonly love flower shop messenger of love, to send flowers to everyone." This is the Roseonly this year, Zhang Liang and his father, a social marketing done during the Christmas season.

presumably all of the Roseonly brand was very familiar, Valentine’s day in 2013 by Li Xiaolu micro-blog marketing, Roseonly DiCaprio, as in Tmall turnover of the first brand of flowers. Less than a year, has completed three rounds of financing, redefines the concept of "private custom high-end flowers", Roseonly really is a what kind of company? It how to use social networks to make their brand quickly became popular? We have in this fast growing brand learned what? It’s social marketing good how will we learn? Roseonly special love flower founder Pu Yi view may give you inspiration.

Pu Yi before doing Roseonly, it can be regarded as a successful investor, he invested in public comment network and other companies to achieve personal financial freedom. Why did he choose to start from scratch Pu Pu to their own reason is: people want to jump higher, first of all to bend down, low to the dust, the future will reach a higher altitude. Many investors would not vote for first-time executives, it is because these people will not pull down, often yangaoshoudi.

decided to start, it is necessary to choose an industry and an entrepreneurial project. Pu Yi stayed in Silicon Valley, Facebook, Twitter and other Internet Co business model is very understanding. Last October, Facebook launched a social gift service company Facebook GiftS, users can use this service to send gifts to their friends. Pu Yi from smell business opportunities, like at home can also rely on micro-blog and other social platforms, and social media contact gift service. He focused on the field of high-end flowers, and the creation of the Roseonly brand.

everyone in the convergence of the Internet era, to make a brand of mouth, must give the brand a story, let the content has the adhesion, formation of viral. He saw the tipping point, a book, referred to the three principles lead to pop: content adhesion, the main principles of human, environmental power. These three principles apply to the marketing of Roseonly is also very fit, Pu Yi on these principles through the Roseonly fan group marketing.

first, is the content of adhesion. Said the popular point, this is the brand to have a story. In particular, this kind of emotional high value-added products, is bound to give users a reason to consume. Pu Yi Roseonly brand story corresponds with love. Love is respected as "exclusive" and "exclusive"

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