Memorial on the dying campus code station

campus network fire also fire, the school network code station, let us these small webmaster crazy A, but the good time is so short.

In 2007 7, August at the Baidu

campus network code only more than 1000 search results, then remember the row in the front page of a blog to do code station, then how traffic can make nothing of it but then the GOOGLE has not changed, click on the strategy, so income should be quite considerable, because I was ZBLOG to do with the campus network station code traffic is only more than 1000 IP but also $more than 20 income, and GG are English advertising, price is very high.

After the October

code like sparks of fire station was Liaoyuanzhishi, a get out of hand, until now the use Baidu Search, find the relevant pages of about 1940000, with a time of 0.001 seconds, can now say "Xiaonei code" is one of the most intense competition a few keywords.

campus network station code also makes some Adsense earn a pen, like in the Baidu first for N long love Xiaonei code station, a station of unrequited love fish have a day more than 400 knife experience, others like me such a small station is also a small amount of money.

, but with the GOOGLE adjustment, the unit price has been getting lower and lower, Baidu’s continuous K station, the school network code station has been forced into an impasse. In the near future, the campus network has launched the automatic choice template function, may be said is cuts the wound to sprinkle the salt.

is not a campus network code, the winter of the station has arrived, it is the ice age period of the school network code station already arrived, like my such campus network code, the small station estimates to be unable to hide.

to Baidu home station in the code, let us look forward to ~~~~~

snatched from the jaws of death.

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