Main points of activity planning for talent net


any website to operate well, all can not do without the planning of various activities. Although the talent network serves as the intermediate service, seeks the talented person for the recruitment unit, looks for the job for the applicant, but also cannot leave uses each kind of activity to reserve the resources and to promote this kind of behavior to carry on effectively. In the planning of activities, there are several points that concern the success or failure of activities.

1, determination of main objectives

talent network is not a mere relying on the flow of the site, it does not only need traffic, but also website image, job seekers resume library, recruitment units recruitment resources. Therefore, any activities are not to flow for a single purpose, but wants to pass a campaign to do almost all is difficult, even large recruitment, but also difficult to take into account all aspects. So, when the first determine the main goal, and then taking into account other aspects can be in the activities planned, never want to breath swallow a fat, it would be taken into account, but not into everything.

2, select target population aggregation platform

with the diversification of the Internet, the crowd gathered more and more platforms, from the original information website to the current forum, micro-blog, WeChat and so on. But not the big platform to help us more, to determine the activity of the target population, such as the face of the white-collar workers, so WeChat is not suitable, because the majority of white-collar workers are facing the computer, is suitable in the forum with micro-blog. If you are facing people who do not often use the Internet, then you can choose WeChat and micro-blog platform, the current proportion of forums on mobile phones is not very large. Of course, according to the nature of their own talent network, to select more in line with the target population platform.

3, according to cost-effective to seize the biggest user demand

activities are designed to benefit from, don’t want to spend money without restraint, the bigger the better, the greater the corresponding activity success or failure, artificial will correspondingly increase, to the maximum user weight to consider your team to be able to cope with. Followed by the choice of user needs, of course, the most direct is to provide jobs, but it is impossible to open a job fair every day. In addition to this demand, in considering the needs of users, such as the site itself recommendation function, to provide some excellent units of internship qualification, if not really, it is good to use gifts to do activities. Of course, on the gift printed talent network information, but also as publicity materials, the two propaganda.

4, user storage and traffic transfer

activity is the peak time of traffic, but if you don’t do anything, the traffic will flow as the activity ends. Therefore, in the event planning, must be integrated into the flow of storage and transfer. For example, when you do micro-blog activities, you should pay attention to the official micro-blog as the basic requirements, and other ways to allow users to leave the phone number, and simple >

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