Peng Yucheng the website is bad, how should do good promotion

in the network promotion, said the site is not good, Peng Yucheng also don’t know what standard to evaluate. But at least a bit, if the site of their own hands can not play its due role, and he can not take his own, such a site may be half dead state. A practical example: a friend has always wanted to own a few keywords website rankings to Baidu home page, but hard for a few months still does not see the result, the main reason is that the weight of the site itself is very low. In this case, if we want to in a short period of time through the SEO optimization of their own web site up, there is only cheating, there is hope, but no one is willing to take their own sites to try.

what Peng Yucheng wants to discuss with you today is when we have a very weak foundation, if you want to do a good job of promotion. Whether your website is selling products or providing other services, I believe you will see some more or less of it after reading this article, and don’t forget to give it to Peng Yucheng.

one, use the know platform to do keywords ranking

do not know if you still in my writing before the "Baidu know what to use keywords" have ranked first impression, in fact use today to say that the principle of platform to do keyword ranking and this article is the same. Because the use of that platform do keyword ranking is actually used to know high weight platform, like Baidu, Iask, YAHOO knowledge hall, Qihoo ask are we can use. When the search engine included in the problem, described are the best answer to the answer, this is a very important point, let’s turn to do keywords are layout in the title, the best answer before dozens of words in a few days, the ranking will slowly climb up.

but, this method is only suitable for long tail, and relatively small competition Baidu keyword ranking, Google will have some effect, but the effect is not good Baidu. Like the use of this method in pushing a project before I also made nearly 100 long tail words, apart from competitors do Baidu promotion Baidu first page almost all of me, I do not have to worry about no one to me things, and this method is free.

two, use soft text promotion to expand influence,

online on the promotion of soft paper or writing articles too much, we still recommend Peng Yucheng from soft case to study soft, do not blindly go to the method of share, but they do not go to research and practice. I remember not long ago in a forum devoted to soft Wen should not put the link, some of my friends think good, can increase the high quality of the chain, some of my friends think good soft Wen can resonate with readers, have a role in the promotion of the article referred to a brand or product, the chain is secondary. Eventually we have no good reason to persuade each one sticks to his own viewpoint, the other.

is actually very much in the promotion of soft paper above this argument, because there is not a fixed pattern can make us yihuhuhuapiao, is a little bit to find out. But soft Wen promotion this >!

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