WN8 design features and Tencent micro-blog MS first edition design ideas to share


Author: dengxuecui (Cui Dengxue) MiaoTong (Tong Miao)

October, a harvest season, a new generation of Microsoft operating system window8 qiaoranerzhi, at the same time, our client micro-blog team, also catch the last train of the first win8 application, designed and launched the micro-blog MS version of Tencent. This paper will combine the design process of Tencent micro-blog MS version, and the understanding of win8 system characteristics, and talk about the application design of win8 operation platform.


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this article index:

1. Windows8 – conceive of

againSystem characteristics of

2. Win8

Interaction properties of

3. Win8

The visual characteristics of

4., -Metro, Win8 evolution,

5. Tencent MS micro-blog’s first edition of the design idea

6. Win8 platform application design suggestion

one, Windows8 – conceive


Keywords: post PC era,

"Windows8 guide" is the first paragraph states: "the PC is now more than 2/3 mobile devices, such as laptops, netbooks and tablet computer. Almost every PC has the ability to connect wirelessly". So, win8’s design takes more into the mobile device and touch experience, and focuses more on user and application relationships than on the operating system itself. While retaining most of the basic features of windows7, the win8 system aims to create a better touch experience and build a new, good ecosystem.

if Apple has completed the basic innovation of the post PC era, the emergence of win8 means the full migration of traditional PC. With the powerful impact of iPad and iPhone as the representatives of wireless touch products, Microsoft has realized that the PC battlefield has been completely transferred, and the win8 operating system is a new concept for Microsoft in this situation.

System characteristics of

two and Win8

Win8 system has many different operating experience, the author picked up some more can reflect the characteristics of the design concepts are introduced, more detailed features in the book.

Win as One

in the win8 system, the program is in the form of applications, it has application market, users can apply >

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