The way to survive for college students (1)

I am a grass root, walking on the road of my own groping. Burning passion, but also cynical, real me, hard and happy. Three years, has been busy in the construction of, maintenance, promotion, revision, optimization of all aspects of the failure of many, feeling a lot, doing grassroots Adsense, in fact, really difficult.

The most, formerly known as, was several enthusiastic and Internet students together together, fighting for two months to 06 years of summer vacation, finally completed the Zhangqiu University City Integrated Information Network Comprehensive static. The more than 1000 page design makes us happy. Later, carefully calculated an account, that year we five people two months, almost for the construction of the site spent nearly three thousand yuan.

The way

begins to profit is to hang GIF pictures or Flash animations on our website and link a page, when the ad revenue is around 400. The ad volume in the first month was about five. Just enough for our current month’s expenses. Income, blood boiling, the team doubled at a time, but the effect is bigger and more chaotic.

merchants began to feel fresh, but the direct benefits of website advertising are not very large. In such a situation, the team quickly disbanded, and the site naturally became an empty shelf. Do students station for the first time, no real profit, we have been in the money, put no confidence, we part, have a feeling of want to cry, and recall the site of the day, it is worth pondering, but has already gone away.

06 years, understand the concept of dynamic. And girlfriend to discuss, bought the domain name of, with a set of floral procedures. It took almost three or four hundred to start what Daxue163 looked like: the University Town, the information port. Every day to open the computer, collecting information, and never busy. Let your friends when the administrator, the crazy add news; let your friends when a bamboo, crazy irrigation. Everyone in a kind of aura, false existence, without any profit point, everyone’s enthusiasm will gradually drop down.

then thought about it for a long time and was planning to do something with the web site. After consultation, we have planned the first network design competition of Zhangqiu University City and met many friends. With many more realistic ideas, it was the first time that he was less arrogant and began to think calmly. That activity can also be done, the popularity of the site has been raised a lot, in fact, the activities of the sponsorship is not ideal, or has been struggling at the edge of survival.

didn’t keep throwing money because he couldn’t afford it. A sophomore student, when others spare time work, oneself in the virtual world, as a webmaster. Just thinking about making a web site is not so easy, you should think about it.


is not to be continued, Daxue163, Xiao Feng.

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