Site navigation, how to survive in the tight encirclement On creating personalized navigation

from the site navigation originator hao123 was Baidu million yuan acquisition, to 265 by Google acquisition, during the period, the domestic imitators continue to emerge, as big as three big portal, small to personal site. They all look forward to site navigation, which will give them more traffic and value.

How many web site navigation

that China users really need? This question is based on the traditional site navigation, out of the "traditional", with the rapid growth of Chinese primary users, they need a personalized web site navigation, the maximum to meet the needs of the individual, ranking from hao123 Alexa decreased from 25 to 943 or even lower. Verify the author’s point of view.

with the development of blogs and RSS, the bottleneck of the first generation website navigation websites Hao123 and 265 is becoming more and more obvious. With the rise of Web2.0, the traditional first generation of Web site navigation websites have to choose to sell cash and withdraw from the user centric Internet 2 era. And from the user’s point of view, Hao123 and 265 of the official version of the vast majority of Internet users, especially after 80, 90, these distinctive personality, highlighting the self generation, has long been out of tune.

WEB2.0 is a user centric era, in short, a user DIY era. What services do users need to implement by technical means?. For example, the WEB1.0 era Hao123 and 265, their navigation can not be customized, can not DIY. This is not in line with the trend of the times, but also will be slowly forgotten by users.

who can meet the needs of users, who can access the market, and ultimately achieve commercial value. For example, good nets, 180s sports navigation network, are emerging new personalized web site navigation station, it abandoned the WEB1.0 era website navigation family dictatorship, using the DIY mode completely interactive with the user. This means that users can completely customize their web site classification, and no longer just watch the official voice of the site, there is no messy advertising and often open navigation sites to see the content does not need.

in this grassroots decision age, anyone can decide their preferences, and show it. For example, if the user is a self driving enthusiast, you can customize the list of outdoor travel sites and put them at the forefront. This way, you can click on the page. If the user is a personal website webmaster, often browse SEO column, you can customize a favorite website address, and even those very characteristic of the small station, can also be included at will. Such randomness and freedom, can greatly release the passion of users, by their own decisions, customized their network life.

personalized, in addition to the optional changes in the interface style, but also to reflect the layout of the navigation and web site content can be self edited features, as well as in line with their own friendly structure to browse. To my surprise, the new version of the 180s sports navigation network will be launched

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