Web site operations are not the beginning of the pursuit of directional traffic

when we finish the movie in those years overtake girl, pay homage to the youth days, suddenly found a few years ago we operate the site when using various means to chase the web traffic eventful, also let us sigh, at that time, as long as the site traffic, we are not afraid of no profit, but now the site has the flow, but may not have a profit, the people can not help but make people feel life is like a pig knife, if there is no growth, is still the old look, old experience to operate the site, it is doomed to fail.

now we should pursue what kind of traffic? I believe that many owners will answer, certainly is directional flow, high conversion rate of flow, and only so can flow into profits, the author agrees, but this is not meant, from site planning period should be planning directional flow it? The answer is negative, the specific reasons are as follows.

1: traffic is the foundation, huge traffic promotion website popularity


site in the planning stage, mainly focus on how to expand the flow channels, as far as possible to enhance the flow, because with the increase of flow rate, the site will also increase the momentum, at least to allow users to feel the attraction of the site is good, and the amount of traffic, also can by many advertisers attention, with high traffic to your site can also bring some income, while the revenue and investment promotion of their flow is relatively low, it can also help you reduce the cost of the website.

but because of the huge traffic, they can help themselves in the future profit model, if you start planning to flow, is clearly not a short period of time can make your own website to gain popularity, so even if there is traffic over, then the directional flow can stay may be very low. Therefore, in the initial stage, we should strengthen the flow of publicity investment, and help build the reputation and brand of the website.

two: filter traffic

according to the core of the website operationWhen the

website has a good traffic, then as a webmaster should combine their own core strengths of the website, many of the current flow for screening, this screening work is actually on the data flow analysis, usually can use various webmaster tools to complete the analysis of the specific content should include the flow, stay in time "and the flow of the source, through tracing the flow to access the site to determine the needs of the depth of flow on the website, through these data to find out some characteristics of these flows exist, based on the common features of these. To locate the next marketing focus.

three: looking for directional traffic should take directional marketing

the marketing work should be certain because of shrinkage, broadcast marketing obviously cost is relatively high, and now through the analysis of the flow, find their main marketing site directional flow direction, so it should be through some directional.

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