Stationmaster makes station, should pay attention to the basic work of five respects

in the rapid development of network, information changes, you do know that SEO algorithm changes quickly, included reduced, also ranked lower on the site and so on all kinds of adverse factors broke out, summing up the experience of failure, sum up the change to do:

first, you should carefully select the website space and website procedures

Many online

selling space, selling web applications are many, in this out of order, uneven in the network world, we must carefully choose the strength with good service space business, we do grassroots webmaster, is always at a disadvantage, we start condition is not very good, I suggest to the web storage platform careful and careful, it is like we are in the choice of land sown land, the foundation is not good, there will not be a good seed.

for the website program, capital owners or have time to do their own development team, the best, if not, can only choose those after the Webmaster Station program for a long time to do the test, the forum can choose phpwind, discuz, CMS, DEDECMS PHPCMS etc.. If we make money, we have to give the program developers a return, buy their official authorization, and thank them.

second, to analyze the location of site groups

is currently doing portal site has been impossible, the direction of the site should be vertical and local site development, so the target customer groups and industry users to more advantage, the chances of success to greater competition, will be a small number, say some local traffic is local forum website examples of success, believe soon, there are more places and industry website will appear.

third, analysis of the contents of the site, check

In the

website Web2.0 era, many sites have increased the website users interactive links, not only now to let the user information, but also a lot of their information, now out of the question, we obtained the content at the same time, some unethical or even illegal information blending together, we need to pay more attention to the site audit efforts the information, to exclude those immoral, otherwise SEO will keep your site illegal information station, reduce the weight of your site, more serious will K off your site, there may be arrested, so Lirenliji, in a timely manner to the information analysis, delete illegal content immediately.

fourth, website content innovation

website optimization development for ten years, more and more advanced, for the true and original information timeliness aspects are greatly improved, the most basic original content to be included is very fast, especially the Baidu Aladdin plan, various websites, dynamic link content is easy to grab, in fact you still old road must be eliminated, copying practices, the author encourages users to interact with it. You should be good at expressing your thoughts, or coming to a mountain

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