Two years of sad romance

long ago learned a little computer fur knowledge, but how to build websites and management, maintenance and promotion of knowledge less, from early 2007 to start planning, from the choice of theme, multi understand, investigation and research, finally established the theme, along the way, it is not easy to do, really feel to do a good website difficult, use Adsense money, really difficult sky.

joined the Google alliance from the first time, the first time to receive $103 excited, until now all attributable to the plain, registered independent domain name from the first, what is pr now to know from the domain name pr=4, along the way is not easy. The sad story of a lot of really, really understand the information every day, every day the most edited examination of the resources from the column to the structure, design from the page to the navigation bar, from the understanding of the examination of each case, to update the information according to the plan, really tired, tired, therefore, wife and engage in their own more than one contradiction this time, I feel particularly tired, it is precisely because of this situation, I feel many times to give up, when I think to myself, can only give up to find happiness? Don’t do this line there is no future? When can’t sleep a night, in the night at night, alone taste, engaged in site operation two years of dribs and drabs, sad and romantic, looking back, everything…… Finally, stick to it and decide to go on, no matter what success or failure, go your own way,


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