Students start from scratch, half a year’s experience

from the beginning do stand still only half a year, so this is only a novice webmaster, write this article does not want to explain too profound truth, just want to talk about their own experience of the site, experience, hope to do at the beginning of the station to help friends.


because of their professional medicine, the course is very tight, and there is no site around the friend, so every step of the station, stride time is very long. Website construction started in June of 08, and before the Internet very little, so very little knowledge of the network, for the site also only know HTML, Dreamweaver (previously in the library borrowing school), for others do not know anything about.

The theme of the

website has chosen a game I prefer, because it’s easier to do what you are interested in and familiar with. As for the template, I phase of a game related website template, so the source code download to see, in a complete mess, cannot read, just know later, the template is made with Div+css, and I can only use Table, checked on the Internet found that Div+css is the mainstream, so only by the source of study while doing their own template, with 10 days time is finally developed. Wrote more than a dozen articles locally.

then bought a virtual host on the Internet, registered domain name (, upload local content. At this point, the first step was completed. It’s only now known that when the station was built in 20 days, it’s only a matter of hours. The next time is free time to update the site, local editing, and then upload, say simple, but as a pure static website, did not update an article list page, page and page links to manually update. With the increasing update more trouble, always feel that there is a solution, in the online search some information, finally learned a new word "CMS", when he knows the website there are static and dynamic, and better operation site CMS, so in a lot of online search about CMS the information, and know that there are a lot of free online source CMS. Chose the.

the next time is to learn how to use CMS, and then copy the content of the original site again, but the update is a lot easier. So far, the website is still going on, and IP is at 1000+.


1, although the station takes a relatively long time, but learned a lot of things, will use Div+css and HTML knowledge base station is required, these things are still very useful, as a template, modify the template to


spent time learning CMS, especially the dream weaving, now used handy;

3, about the website content, many articles have mentioned, individual feel original, false original, >

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