To be a wise webmaster, use content alliance to enrich your website

I always affected by this problem, do not know senior webmaster successful people is how to avoid, of course, may be both successful, there is no problem in this area, so when I ask this, Wang generous with your criticism.

what bothers me is that, because reading reasons, when during the summer holiday home (home and a few kilometers have no network, can’t take care of myself ") usually take care of the site, causing the site to be abandoned by search engines, horse…… It makes me so tired. To this day, I still haven’t got the perfect solution. Only, has already graduated, in this period, through the flexible way, has looked for another way, takes "curve saves the nation" the form to make the certain remedy. Of course, this method is not appropriate, just for the first time.

last month, leaving the original work unit, to a strange city, in nearly a month’s time, not a fixed computer for their own use, resulting in frequent updates to the website again before the "forced" to stop updating, the result is still all snapshot of the website search engine "snub"

, suffered heavy losses!

so at this time, I have been thinking about solving this problem by what method can? Finally, at a time when browsing station webmaster resources, get inspiration from a Content Alliance article: there is strong, rich in content, original update timely, form novel and attractive content alliance "" in the channel way, as the main content of the effective supplement.


Content Alliance, only need a domain name (either a domain name, two domain names), then to have a new, belong to their own website, this website using the enterprise server allows you to channel faster and more stable; the daily sea volume editors update, can quickly be the major search engines; at the same time the site has significant advertising position for you to place ads, and can make money


just think, if we put this site as a supplement to the main web site, in principle, it will improve the search engine search volume, thereby increasing the site traffic, browsing, viscosity and so on. In the flow of money is a website domain, this is all the owners expect? At the same time, as a result, even if our main website for some special reasons for not updating, but our channel (sub domain) in the continuous update and change the search engine will be judged at the same time through technology, it not that this is a dead stop, directly to death.

so, in Chinese Internet, what are the contents of the alliance, and what content alliance can meet the "originality, rich in content and form of new and updated in a timely manner, strong attraction"? In fact, in the choice of Content Alliance in the process, I also really a turning effort: as we all know, before outdated or Adsense nets or other websites have appeared stationmaster Content Alliance collection such as "a total of 28 sites 15". But, everybody!

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